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In the Mirage continuity, Magonia is the fabled long-lost original homeworld of the Utroms. The other planet usually referred to as the Utrom Homeworld was not their first homeworld. In reality, Magonia's existence has been erased from documented history by the Utrom government, with the planet itself being disguised with a colossal cloaking device to hide it from the rest of the universe, and actively monitored by the officially nonexistent Utromi Obscura Secreti, who hunt down and kill any visitors.

In First Mud and Apocalypse Vow, Magonia's civilian rediscovery is made by Professor Obligado after purchasing black market information. He finds this planet to be a desolate place of torrential rains and a continuous surface of mud. The only lifeform he discovers is a giant many-tentacled entity, whom he makes peace with after baking a tray of cookies. No other life signs are detected—not even microbes. A team of Utromi Obscura Secreti destroy his spacecraft, but Obligado survives, and uses his commando training to dispatch the team and steal their spacecraft to escape the planet.

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