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Ma'riell is the seniormost member of the revived Utroms on Burnow Island, and the sister of Ch'rell. She was selected as the leader because of her reasonable and diplomatic outlook, as well as her objectivity. Unlike her brother or Krang, she is willing to work with other species peacefully, such as agreeing to imprison Krang despite many Utroms considering him a hero.

She first encountered the Turtles shortly after the reawakening of the Utroms, and worked with them to save her remaining people. She also expressed remorse for how the Triceratons had been treated, and agreed to let them coexist on Burnow Island when they came to Earth seeking a home.

When Bishop attacked Burnow Island, Ma'riell was forced to revive her warlike brother in order to protect everyone living there. However, she soon discovered that Ch'rell had been revived already, and that he was angry with her for keeping him imprisoned.

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