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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Mirage continuity, Lucrezia, also known to her friends as Lulu, is a young witch, and one of the four main characters of Raphael: Bad Moon Rising along with Raphael, Shadow Jones and Sloane.


Lucrezia was born to Lord Chiton of Atlantia and his werewolf wife Lilith. Chiton and Lilith divorced, and Lulu went to live in Lilith's Den in the city of Nocturna with the Sisterhood. When Sloane joined the Sisterhood, she and Lulu became close friends. Chiton remarried a woman named Oceana who also became close to Lulu. But Chiton was a vain, selfish and manipulative man, and conspired together with Sloane and Lord Incubor to ruin Lilith and gain sole custody of Lucrezia. Sloane kept the unwitting Lulu away from the den as Incubor kidnapped Lilith and the entire rest of the sisterhood. Feigning ignorance, Sloane then had Lulu take the two of them to the normal world to recruit Shadow Jones and her Uncle Raphael in helping them discover Lilith's whereabouts. While the four of them were investigating Lilith's den back in Nocturna, a giant barn owl grabbed the entire structure, carried it over open ocean, and was made to drop it, where its fall was caught and cushioned by a giant jellyfish that enveloped den and took it to Atlantia. As Chiton launched a war against Incubor's forces, Lulu was instrumental to rescuing Lilith and the Sisterhood from Incubor's captivity. The entire farce made Chiton look like the hero and Lilith look like an incompetent mother, which Chiton hoped would play out well in his next court battle with Lilith over Lucrezia's custody. Raph and Shadow finally uncovered the conspiracy, but could not tell Lulu or anyone else what really happened, as Chiton blackmailed the uncle and niece into keeping silent by threatening not to help them return home to their world.