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Louis Royo
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New York City, Earth


Arbitration Specialist

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Big Trouble in Little Italy

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Louis Royo is an underworld arbitration expert who appears in Big Trouble in Little Italy. He was hired by the Savate ninjas to oversee the delivery of five million dollars in diamonds to the Foot Clan. However, he was covertly planning to steal the diamonds with Richard Miller and flee New York City.

His plans were complicated when Eric Conner accidentally crashed the Savate limousine, and the briefcase containing the diamonds was sent flying into Kid Kennedy's shopping cart. Royo was terrified that the Savate would blame him for the diamonds' loss, and was desperate to recover them.

He accompanied Max Frezatto to the Skara Brae in order to contact Fabrice, but soon learned that the diamonds had been taken by Brooklyn S. Bridge. He contacted Miller, and the two met up at the Skara Brae to reclaim the briefcase. However, the two encountered Frezatto and his compatriot Frank Corbin, who were also trying to steal the diamonds, as well as the Purple Dragons and the Savate ninja.

Royo was arrested along with Fabrice and Frezatto.

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