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Big Louie
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New York City



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1987 TV series

First appearance

The Big Cufflink Caper!

Created by

David Wise

Voiced by

Peter Renaday

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Big Louie is a recurring villain in the 1987 animated series. He is a high ranking gangster with a gang at his disposal, who sometimes works with the Shredder.

Big Louie and his mob debuted in the "The Big Cufflink Caper!" episode, where he and his henchmen steal cufflinks. Leonardo recognizes them on sight, and the Turtles attempt to convince Big Louie that they wish to work for him in order to uncover what he is doing. He used them to acquire access to the Cufflink of Cathay, but betrayed them to Shredder.

He collaborated with Shredder again, stealing large quantities of antifreeze for the Technodrome. However, Shredder cheated him, leading Big Louie to abduct Napoleon Bonafrog to extract the payment he was owed.

He was later one of the mobsters targeted in Krang's scheme to dispose of all criminal bosses, using an artificial island.

Big Louie's next endeavor was to steal a sonic disintegrator beam, but was thwarted by the Turtles. When he attempted to attack them for this defeat, he learned of the alien turtle Kerma and his portable gold machine, which he stole for his own use. Raphael and Leonardo reclaimed the device.

Like mobsters Pinky McFingers, Tony "The Butcher" Vivaldi and Don Turtelli, Louie was voiced by Peter Renaday.


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  2. Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the Swamps
  3. Adventures in Turtle-Sitting
  4. Return of the Turtleoid
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