Loudmouthleo box

TMNT Babble Heads are your take anywhere, talking, totally interactive Turtle Bro’s that come to life and are ready to train, battle or be your Ninja Brother! Features include:

  • REAL MOVEMENT: They come to life with head, eye and mouth movement
  • INTERACTIVE STRIKE SENSORS: They have strike sensors in their head, chest and hand for interactive ninja training. Strike your Ninja bro and you’ll be surprised by his response!
  • BATTLE: Motion sensors in their shoulders, arms and hands recognize when they are ready to battle, with or without weapons in their hands!
    • Move arms up and down and hear fist punching swooshes without weapon in hand and “Clings and Clangs” sound effects with weapon in hand.
    • They know when you put weapons in their hands and now you hear weapon SFX.
  • HILARIOUS TURTLE HUMOR: They love what teenagers love: telling jokes, one-liners, laughing, belching, farting and Cowabunga high fives!
  • TAKE WITH YOU: Clip your turtle on with his easy clip-on and take him with you everywhere!


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