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[The Utroms and the Triceratons had finally come to terms on a plan to share Burnow Island. A chance for peace between two age-old enemies.]

[It was a peace both sides desperately needed.]

[And—to be honest—it was a peace I needed.]

[After months of wallowing in compromise and moral ambiguity, I needed something good.]

[Something that would save lives. That would heal age-old rivalries. That would set the stage for even greater things down the road.]

[But not everybody saw it that way.]

[Lt. Kleve, an Utrom military leader, was planning something. I knew he was.]

[While others strugled to make this work, Kleve was plotting to tear it down.]

[I didn't know how.]

[But I knew I had to stop him.]

Ma'riell "Zom. Thank you for coming."

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Ma'riell "How are your people reacting to the news of our peace treaty?"

Zom "We finally have a home, after wandering for so long. They're thankful."

Ma'riell "All of them?"

Zom "Some fear we're placing ourselves under the Utroms' control once again."

Zom "But I've told them the peace process was designed to prevent that."

Ma'riell "Yes. And my people don't understand why we're compromising with a race we created for servitude."

Ma'riell "But that's why we're doing it. We owe your people a debt."

Zom "Let's not pretend either of us are being entirely selfless, Ma'riell. We need a home. And you—"

Ma'riell "We need you to survive. Yes. The future of both our species hinge upon this peace."

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Zom "This is the treaty?"

Ma'riell "Ready for our signatures. As the duly chosen representatives of our people."

Zom "...Leadership is a heavy burden."

Ma'riell "And noe one I ever wanted. I was a scientist, you know. Happy in my lab. But circumstance forced me into a leadership role."

Zom "Not me. I was born to lead—on the battlefield."

Zom "But this... Peace..."

Zom "I don't think either of us saw this coming."

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[I went over Kleve's movements, again and again. All that time he'd spent surveying the mountains of Burnow Island.]

[Followed by all that time inventorying the island's weaponry.]

[Maybe that's where I'd find my final clue.]

[The armory was locked. But it didn't take long for me to solve that problem...]

[And discover I was already too late.]

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Kleve "So much earlier than anticipated. So much left to plan."

Kleve "But this will work."

Kleve "This has to—"

Donatello "Kleve!"

Donnie "Whatever this is—you don't want to do it."

Donnie "So put down the rifle, and let's discuss this, while we still can."

Kleve "{Sigh}"

Kleve "All right, turtle. You win."

Donnie "Really?"

Kleve "No."


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Donnie "Wow. Sturdy tech."

Kleve "Of course. It can certainly withstand the likes of—"

Donnie "How does it work when you're not inside it?"

Kleve "No!"

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Kleve "Now let's see how strong your legs are."

Donnie "You don't have to be strong if you're fast."

Donnie "But I am pretty strong."

Kleve "Stop!"

Kleve "Hey! What are you—"

Donnie "The last time you fought in this hallway, security came to break things up."

Donnie "So let's get some distance between them and us."

Kleve "Put me down, you imbecile!"

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[I gave him a chance to talk willingly. But now I had to force him... Somehow.]

Donnie "Three rifles were missing, Kleve. Who's working with you? And what's the plan?"

Kleve "And if I don't tell you, you'll torture me? Kill me? I know you people would never—"

Donnie "The Utroms will put you back in stasis."

Kleve "For what? You know nothing."

Donnie "I know you've been surveying the mountains around Burnow Island."

Donnie "I know you took sniper rifles from the armory."

Donnie "I know you suggested the ratification take place on Unity Field."

Donnie "And I know..."

Donnie "I know your plan."

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"You're using the ratification to draw the Triceraton leadership—to draw Commander Zom—out in the open."

"Where you'll assassinate her."

Kleve "Why would I assassinate Zom?"

Kleve "Triceratons are interchangeable. And her death offers me no strategic advantage."

Donnie "Then who..."

Donnie "...Oh..."

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"Oh, no."

Kleve "Ma'riell isn't the leader we need."

Kleve "She isn't a leader at all."

Kleve "When she's gone, the peace treaty will fall apart."

Kleve "The Utroms and Triceratons will plunge back into war."

Kleve "And the superior species will survive."

Kleve "Stronger and more unified than—"

Kleve "Hey! I wasn't done!"

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Churk "And we won't be done until we find a solution!"

Churk "The ratification ceremony is in less than an hour. And I'm not sure a dirt field is what they had planned for a backdrop."

Yot "I have an idea. You might not like it, but—"

Churk "If it doesn't involve grinding me into fertilizer, I like it already."

Yot "I'm sorry I told you that."

Churk "Yes... Well..."

Churk "...My people have their sins as well."

[I still didn't know the identity of Kleve's collaborators.]

[I couldn't believe he had found two more Utroms so short-sighted that they were willing to risk this fragile peace.]

[Willing to murder one of their own leaders.]

[And as it turns out...]

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[I was right.]

[Lucky me.]

Donnie "I don't suppose you guys are up for a friendly chat?"

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[Thankfully, I've spent some time recently studying how to defeat a larger enemy.]

Drel "Rrraaa!"

Donnie "I am not having good luck with legs today."

Donnie "No!"

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Drel "Thank you."

Tarsa "Ma'riell has arrived!"

Donnie "Drel—you don't want to do this!"

Drel "I'm certain I do."

Tarsa "You can not make us defy Commander Zom's orders!"

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Donnie "Commander Zom's orders? Is that what you told her?"

Donnie "Why lie, if you're really so certain?"

Tarsa "Drel, what is he—"

Tarsa "Is this true?"

Drel "After my failed attempt to murder Kleve... He came to me. Said he had another idea. A way to achieve our mutual goals. Tarsa, you have to understand—"

Tarsa "Honor and obedience."

Drel "The Solartrooper motto."

Drel "You're right."

Drel "I do not believe there will ever be lasting peace between the Utroms and the Triceratons. But I won't be the one to destroy it."

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[No one knows precisely how it happened.]

[And no one ever will.]

[But somehow, we had done theh impossible.]

Ma'riell "—And ushered in a new era of peace and cooperation between our people."

Ma'riell "We have already seen the fruits of this labor, in ways large and small."

Ma'riell "In this very field, Utrom and Triceraton scientists are working together to create a new, sustainable food source for our Triceraton allies."

Ma'riell "Creating life in rocky soil. And creating hope in troubled times."

Yot "Why are you Utroms always so dramatic?"

Churk "Just stay quiet and take the twin, Yot."

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Kleve "And make no mistake—we will win."

Kleve "It is our destiny. Our—"

Kleve "—Hrmm."

Kleve "Did that fool unlock every room on the island?"

Kleve "That fool unlocked every room on the island."

Page 18

Zom "You've looked better."

Donnie "Yeah, I uh... I fell down the, uh—"

Zom "We know what happened."

Zom "Drel confessed to everything."

Donnie "I thought he might. And Kleve—"

Ma'riell "The traitor's whereabouts are unknown. But we'll find him, and take care of it—quietly."

Ma'riell "We appreciate that you did the same."

Donnie "I know most of your people want peace. And will work hard to achieve it."

Page 19

Donnie "Look at what your scientists did, in such a short time."

Donnie "It's truly amazing."

Zom "It's fake, Donatello."

Donnie "What?"

Zom "It's the illusion of progress."

Ma'riell "These saplings were transplanted from the lab and put in the dirt."

Zom "Nothing more."

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T1   37.7
T2   37.2
TD   0.5



PR 68


[But maybe that was okay. Maybe sometimes, progress starts with an illusion.]

[I've seen the Utroms' and Triceratons' resolve. I've seen their willingness to set aside personal grievances, and focus on the larger issues.]

[I've seen how badly they both need this to work.]

[This peace will endure.]

Ch'rell "Where am I? And where is Krang? I demand to see Krang!"

Kleve "Krang isn't here, General Ch'rell. He was eaten."

Ch'rell "Then we have much to discuss."

[I know it will.]

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