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Utrom "Intruders!"

[No one knows precisely what happened.]

[It depends on who you ask.]

[And who you trust.]

Zom "We come in—"


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[After their failed attempt to live among the humans, the Triceratons had nowhere to go. In desperation, they sought refuge among their age-old enemies.]

[But the Utroms had no true leadership. The death of Krang left them with a chaotic alliance and competing interests.]

[Ma'riell—an Utrom scientist—had brokered the Triceratons' arrival on Burnow Island. She insists she cleared it with the Utrom's military leaders.]

[The military leaders say otherwise.]

Ma'riell "You have to stop this, Lieutenant Kleve!"

Kleve "Stop what? Victory? I'm defending our people. As Krang would do. Or Ch'rell."

Ma'riell "Krang is dead. And my dear brother Ch'rell is a war criminal, who would be in prison if he weren't kept in stasis."

Ma'riell "But Kleve is right about one thing; we do need to defend our people. Just not from the Triceratons."

Ma'riell "This island has extraordinary defensive capabilities, but there aren't enough of us to sustain and operate them."

Ma'riell "The Triceratons were once a valuable resource once, and could be again... If we treat them as allies and not as our slaves."

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Triceraton Soldier "They—They've stopped firing! What are your orders, Commander Zom?"

Zom "Throw down your weapons."

Triceraton Soldier "But—no! They attacked us! We must fight back with every—"

Zom "We always fight back with every breath. Give no quarter. Try to bludgeon our way to prosperity. And wher ehas it led us?"

Zom "So throw down your weapons. As I said before..."

Zom "We come in peace."

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[The Utroms placed Ma'riell in charge of Triceraton integration.]

[She treated them as refugees and not enemies. Registered them. Provided temporary quarters until they could broker a permanent truce.]

Utrom Bureaucrat "Name?"

Drel "Drel. Third batallion Triceraton solartrooper."

Utrom Bureaucrat "I don't need your military record, Triceraton. Just your name will—"

Utrom Bureaucrat "Third battalion. I lost my home to you people."

Drel "How nice that you had a home to lose."

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Drel "The Triceratons have forever been slaves and refugees."

Drel "So you'll forgive me if—"

Utrom Bureaucrat "I will not be lectured to by some science experiment gone wrong. If you think—"

Ma'riell "Enough!"

Ma'riell "You're done. Go calm down. And then report for custodial duty."

[Tensions were high, on both sides. They needed a neutral mediator. A skilled and experienced negotiator, who could defuse their age-old anger, and carefully guide them to peace.]

[But instead they got me.]

Donatello "Uhm... Hey."

Donnie "Sorry I'm late."

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Zom "There's no need to apologize. I've suffered deeper wounds during sparring sessions."

Zom "I'm more concerned about the damage caused to our fledgling alliance."

Ma'riell "Yes. Finding peace was already going to be difficult. Now it may be impossible."

Zom "No. Not impossible."

Zom "We can not go into this viewing it as a lost cause."

Ma'riell "Of course... Nearly impossible, then."

Donnie "Well, hey, at least you agree on that!"

Zom "We didn't bring you here to shift our emotional hue, turtle."

Donnie "Sorry. Just... Just trying to lighten the mood."

Zom "We're attempting to overcome several lifetimes of hatred and distrust."

Zom "The risk of sabotage is high..."

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"...And I fear any disruption will fuel the dissent and topple this fragile cease-fire."

Kleve "Calls you a war criminal... Says you should be in prison..."

Kleve "I'll show her. We both will, Ch'rell. Just as soon as I... Disable these damn locks..."

Kleve "Ghaa!"

Kleve "No! This has to work!"

Kleve "We need your leadership, Colonel Ch'rell."

"Ma'riell and her allies have weeded out every loyalist but me."

"And I don't know if I can save our people alone."

Kleve "But I suppose I'll have to try."

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Donnie "Let's try to start with the most pressing issue, which is—"

Zom "...Food supply. Triceratons, like our Earth-bound ancestors, are herbivores."

Zom "Outside vegetation would die in this terraformed environment, so we must instead grow it here."

Zom "You've set aside a field—Unity Field—for our needs."

Zom "But the soil is rocky, and the space many not be enough. A larger area—"

Ma'riell "May not be possible."

Donnie "Let's... Let's table your area requirements for now, and—"

Kleve "—And address security concerns."

Zom "Food is a security concern!"

Kleve "Not for us it—"

Ma'riell "Yes, Lieutenant, it is!"

Ma'riell "There will be no security until everyone's basic needs are met."

Donnie "Let's... Let's focus on the crops themselves. I'm told Triceraton and Utrom scientists are working together on the issue."

Donnie "Ma'riell, can you tell us what kind of progress they've made?"

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Yot "Very, very little."

Yot "There's virtually no chance crops will grow in this soil."

Churk "You'll make it grow. Just as you Triceratons always have before."

Churk "During the war, any time you captured territory from us, the first thing you did was set up a food supply—in any conditions."

Churk "And we could never figure out how."

Yot "I... I'm sorry. But I can't tell you."

Churk "This is supposed to be a partnership, Yot. A new era between our races, and all of that."

Churk "If you still won't share your little scientific secrets, then how do you expect this to—"

Yot "Trust me, Churk."

Yot "It's not an option here."

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Yot "But I know he'll keep asking. And eventually I'll answer."

Yot "If only to see that smug Utrom look disappear, for a moment or two."

Yot "This was a mistake, Drel. Coming to this forsaken island, on this forsaken planet."

Yot "I hate this place. This tiny room, with no windows. This—"

Drel "You're complaining about the windows when we have limited rations and no food supply?"

Yot "I just... I just thought it would be better, here on Earth. It was supposed to be better."

Drel "It will be, Yot. The Utroms still see us as beneath them."

Drel "But we'll make them see how much things have changed."

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Kleve "Oh, I see perfectly."

Kleve "These constant demands for a larger field. For more living space."

Kleve "It's clearly jude a way to make us cede more land. To give your race a strategic advantage, when—"

Zom "When what? We are not preparing for war!"

Zom "And I'm sure Ma'riell agrees that—"

Ma'riell "No. I don't."

Ma'riell "I want this to work. But I have to think about my people."

Ma'riell "This is a small island, and I'm very uncomfortable giving you ever more land, before we've exhausted all other options."

"Our scientists are making progress."

"There's a reason for hope."

Zom "They're making progress in the labs. But not in the field. And—"

Donnie "Let's, let's just table this for—"

Zom "We can not table everything, turtle!"

[I tried to tell myself that Ma'riell was right. There was reason for hope...]

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[...No matter how short-lived.]

Drel "You won't cede more land, Utrom?"

Drel "Then we'll take it all."

Drel "And once you're gone, Ma'riell and her cronies will be so much easier to defeat."

Kleve "You fool. I know the Triceratons' battle tactics..."

Kleve "You're use to fighting women and children!"

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Drel "You think I'd bring a weapon that could be so easily turned against me? I know how deceitful the Utroms are."

Kleve "No matter."

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Kleve "Heh... See you at the negotiating table."

Utrom Soldier "Lieutenant! Are you all right? Who did this to you?"

Kleve "I'm afraid I never saw his face. But it could have been any of them."

Kleve "Such a horrid little race."

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Kleve "Violent. Duplicitous. Distrustful."

Kleve "If we knew who my assailant was, then perhaps he could be detained and these negotiations could continue."

Kleve "But we don't And so they cannot."

Zom "Ma'riell! Control your people!"

Ma'riell "Wait!"

Ma'riell "It can't end like this!"

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[Lieutenant Kleve was lying. I was certain of it.]

CAM 08


[He claimed he never saw his attacker's face. But he was stabbed in his front, and successfully fended off the attack.]

[It didn't add up. So I did what anyone in my position would do...]

[...I tapped into Burnow Island's security cameras...]

[...And began to track Kleve's every move.]

[Ma'riell managed to convince most of her delegation to return to the negotiating table.]

[So I split my time between the negotiations and my investigation.]

Utrom Delegate "Find a way to build the field upwards. Or grow crops on the water."

Same Utrom Delegate "We find innovative solutions that work for both sides."

[I wondered, at times, if I was imagining things; if my helplessness had led me to invent a problem that I could solve.]

Donnie "What were you doing out there?"

[But the more I dug in, the more convinced I became that Kleve was hiding... Something.]

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Donnie "All right... On to all the issues we tabled."

Zom "Finally."

[I just didn't know what.]



[He was obsessed with the island's defenses. Its weaponry. But he was a military officer.]

[I was so close to putting it all together. If I'd had just a few more days...]

Donnie "And... And that's it! Both sides should take time to look the agreement over, but—"

Zom "Yes. We will."

[But instead...]

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Donnie "We have a peace treaty!"

Ma'riell "Astounding. Simply astounding. We should ratify this as soon as—"

Zom "This evening. At Unity Field."

Donnie "Unity Field! That's... That's a wonderful choice."

Utrom Delegate "Yes. Lt. Kleve's idea, remarkably enough."

Same Utrom Delegate "Even the hardliners are finally catching up with the times."

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Yot "Yes. And if I'd just had more time, then maybe we would have something growing before ratification."

Churk "Perhaps it's time for you to finally share your little secret with me, Yot."

Churk "How the Triceratons managed to grow crops on every planet in Dimension X."

Yot "Very well."

Yot "It was a terrible problem, early on in the war. The food shortages caused our soldiers to starve. They died horribly. Millions of miles from home."

Yot "But then we realized that dead Utroms make extraordinary fertilizer."

Yot "So we ground up your casualties. Spread them across our fields."

Yot "And reaped the bounty that followed."

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Churk "You... You were right, Triceraton. That's not an option, here."

Churk "Is it?"

Yot "No, Utrom."

Yot "After all..."

Yot "...We came in peace."

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