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Lorqa was a Senior Member of the Utrom High Council that appeared in the IDW comics. Prior to the destruction of the Utrom Empire, Lorqa implored Emperor Quanin to cease his foolish expansion of their empire. They had spread out beyond their ability to functionally colonize, draining their homeworld Utrominon of all its precious resources, especially its life-sustaining ooze.

General Krang clashed with Lorqa for disrespecting his father's commands. However, Krang later spoke with ex-Councilor Lorqa, and was informed about their depleted resources, their dying homeworld and how the parades and festivities have been nothing more than a distraction to keep the populace ignorant.

Lorqa was one of the Utroms to successfully escape to Earth, and was kept in stasis on Burnow Island for many years until awakened with most of the rest of the Utroms by Professor Zayton Honeycutt. However, Lorqa was almost immediately murdered by Leatherhead along with several other Utroms.

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