Biographical information

Springfield, Massachusetts, Earth


The Herald


Athlete and acrobat
Melee combat
Super strength
Flight ability

Weapon(s) of choice

Two cable arrow spinners (in gloves), Rocket launcher


Police officer


Turtles, Springfield Police Department

Physical description




Out of universe information



Mirage Studios

First appearance

Nobody's Fool!

Created by

Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird
Jim Lawson

Teachers and Students

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Nobody was the superhero identity of Officer Longer (first name unknown), a police officer who spent his nights stopping crimes that he couldn't touch within the law during his day job. The turtles met him during a night on the town in Northampton following a bout of boredom. During a restful stay at Casey Jones' farm in Northampton the Turtles met a masked figure dressed all in black who was chasing a truck and was apparently involved in a shooting.

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He was shot and told them to follow the truck. When the Turtles show themselves to be suspicious of his motives, he shows them his police badge, winning their trust. They follow the truck to B.F.R. Trucking. Nobody revealed B.F.R. Trucking does transportation work for a company called Ruffington Arms that operated in the area. Ruffington was a munitions company selling their excess weapons to the highest bidder and Nobody was after them and wanted to stop them. After they have taken down the arms ring and go separate ways, Donatello nicknames him "Nobody" because he never told them his name. (Tales of TMNT vol.1 #2) Nobody met the Turtles a second time when confronting a gang out to kill an old man who had slain one of their members in self-defense (Tales of the TMNT #7). Later on, Nobody also helped Casey Jones after he descends into misery following his accidental killing of a Teenager pickpocket and started to drink out of desperation, Nobody pushed him away from alcohol and brought him to his senses again. Nobody later started monitoring Casey Jones’ abandoned Northampton residence when reports began coming in of activity (radio dispatch refers to him as Officer Longer, revealing his real last name). Finding the alleged intruder to be Donatello, the two of them fought in a confused scuffle (TMNT Vol. 2, #3 & 4). Nobody also helped the turtles and Louis Braunze rescue Raphael who had been kidnapped by DARPA. Some time later he aids the turtles against a giant mutant Asteroidean, but is lost in action and presumed dead when he is impaled through the chest by one of its appendages and pulled into its mouth. (TMNT vol. 2 #12).

Many years later, Nobody returns to help Casey Jones and a mutated Raphael, but this time he, claimed he was “The Herald”, had a set of super powers which he got from the radiation inside the Asteroidean Overlord that swallowed him, and put on a white suit after Casey suggested he change his costume. As it turns out, the Overlord was aware of the impending threat of the Triceratons invading the DARPA facility and chose Nobody to protect her out of desperation. She drew him into her belly in order to endow him with powers. Unfortunately, when Casey blew her up, her progress was set back many years and Nobody was placed in suspended animation until her awakening. The process gave Nobody great power, but unfortunately, wiped most of his memory. Nobody declares that the Overlord is actually a benevolent being and, in turn, is hunted by evil doers from all across the Multiverse. He has sworn to protect her and uphold justice at the same time. (Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 2 #60; July, 2009)


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