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Little Huey
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New York City, New York, USA, Earth





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1987 TV series

Created by

Susan Stewart-Taggart

Voiced by

Pat Fraley

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Little Huey is a gangster who appears in the episode Raphael Drives 'Em Wild of the 1987 animated series. He is the subordinate of Mr. Big, and an integral part of Mr. Big's scheme.

Little Huey was sent to steal the Transmogrifier from the Meridian Mind Institute, so that his own mind could be switched with that of the wealthy Premier of Vadeem. On the cab ride back, he stopped for a time at a pizzeria, leaving the Transmogrifier in the back seat. When he returned, the cab had vanished along with the device.

Little Huey was able to identify the same cab (although he did not notice that the cabbie Oscar was now a Turtle), allowing Mr. Big to reclaim the Transmogrifier. The two gangsters kidnapped the Premier of Vadeem, but when they turned on Oscar, he defeated them easily and made off with the Premier.

Little Huey drove in the car chase that ensued, which led to a four-way crash. He was left in the crashed car for the police, and was presumably arrested.

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