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In the IDW continuity, an initially unnamed albino turtle first appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #101.


Originally a little girl who was abandoned on the streets by her guardian, while wandering the alleys of New York, the girl became affected by the mutagen bomb becoming an albino turtle. On her own and homeless on the streets of Mutant Town, she was spotted lurking outside Alopex's shelter by Jennika, who attempted to approach the child in a friendly manner. However, the child was frightened and ran away, hiding both from Jennika and from the Mutanimal enforcers nearby.

Later the girl encountered Old Hob's weasels, befriending them and showing them how to make snowballs. When Hob showed up to recapture the weasels, the turtle fled out of sight.

Once Mona Lisa, Jennika and Sally Pride drove Hob was from taking the weasels, the turtle came out of hiding to approach the older girls. After getting the names of the weasels, Jennika asked the albino turtle her name to which she responded that she didn't have one. This prompted Jenny to come up with a name on the spot, Lita, based on the name of her favorite singer Lita Ford. Though still shy, Lita left with Jennika, Alopex, Sally Pride and the newly-freed weasels. TMNT #104

She was later brought to the dojo that the Turtles were creating, along with the weasels, where she got to know the older Turtles better and even expressed a wish to come with them to a heavy metal concert.

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Lita's human form was seen only once and in a blink-and-miss. Lita used to be a young human albino girl, with her skin and hair being light in color. In the memories Jenny was seeing on her head, Lita was seen wearing pink coat, ripped jeans and white sneakers.


Lita has retained her albinism, having white skin, but, just like with Jennika, very little else remains of former human appearance. Anatomically, she has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot just like the other turtles, and her eyes are pink. This makes her appear physically much like the other turtles.

Lita has never been depicted wearing the traditional "naked" turtle gear, she had been seen wearing many different clothes. Being on training to be a kunoichi, she wears a pink bandana, just like the weasels.


  • This character is the seventh mutant turtle to appear in the IDW continuity, not counting those who appear in alternate universes or in dreams or hallucinations.
    • She is also the second female mutant turtle, after Jennika.