Beginning in 1988, Playmates Toys has been the main producer of TMNT action figures. Their original line, called simply Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the most part (some sub-lines had additional branding), ran until 1997, when they began releasing action figures for the new live action television series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. Some markets, however, continued to receive reissues of the figures released in this nine year span until 1999.

This first line of action figures was a hodgepodge of characters and incarnations, although most of them were (sometimes loosely) based on the 1987 cartoon show. A couple of sublines were based on the films, however, and a few characters from other incarnations, as well as original characters developed only as toys, were released.




Creepy Crawlin' Splinter
Donatello, with Storage Shell
Don, the Undercover Turtle
Giant Turtles Donatello
Giant Turtles Leonardo
Giant Turtles Michaelangelo
Giant Turtles Raphael
Killer Bee
Leo, the Sewer Samurai *
Mike, the Sewer Surfer
Mondo Gecko *
Muckman & Joe Eyeball (1990 action figure) *
Mutagen Man *
Napoleon Bonafrog *
Panda Khan *
Raph, the Space Cadet *
Ray Fillet *
Scumbug *
Slash *
Slice 'N Dice Shredder
Sword Slicin' Leonardo
Triceraton *
Wingnut & Screwloose *


Antrax *
Chrome Dome
Classic Rocker Leo *
Grand Slammin' Raph
Groundchuck *
Head Spinnin' Bebop
Heavy Metal Raph *
Hose 'em Down Don *
King Lionheart
Leonardo with Storage Shell
Lieutenant Leo *
Machine Gunnin' Rocksteady
Make My Day Leo
Michelangelo with Storage Shell
Midshipman Mike
Movie Star Don *
Movie Star Leo *
Movie Star Mike
Movie Star Raph
Pro Pilot Don
Punkin' Don
Rahzar *
Raphael with Storage Shell
Raph, the Green Teen Beret *
Rappin' Mike *
Sergeant Bananas
Shell Kickin' Raph *
Shell Slammin' Mike *
Skateboardin' Mike 
Slam Dunkin' Don 
Slap Shot Leo 
Space Usagi *
Super Shredder *
T.D. Tossin' Leo *
Talkin' Donatello
Talkin' Leonardo
Talkin' Michelangelo
Talkin' Raphael
Tattoo *
Tokka *
Zak, the Neutrino *


5th Anniversary Collector's Turtle
April, the Ninja Newscaster
April, the Ravishing Reporter
Bandito Bashin' Mike
Beach Combin' Mike
Cave Turtle Leo and his Dingy Dino *
Chief Leo *
Classic Party Reptile Leo
Classic Clownin' Mike
Crazy Cowboy Don
Delta Team Don
Dimwit Doughboy Rocksteady
Doctor El
Giant Bebop
Giant Rocksteady
Head Droppin' Don *
Head Droppin' Leo
Head Droppin' Mike
Head Droppin' Raph
Hot Doggin' Mike
Lifeguard Leo
Karate Choppin' Mike
Kooky Kavalry Leo
Kowabunga Kickboxin' Leo
Krang's Android Body
Mona Lisa
Monty Moose
Movie III April
Movie III Kenshin
Movie III Princess Mitsu
Movie III Samurai Don *
Movie III Samurai Leo *
Movie III Samurai Mike *
Movie III Samurai Raph *
Movie III Splinter
Movie III Walker
Movie III Warlord
Movie Star Foot Soldier *
Movie Star Splinter
Mutatin' Bebop
Mutatin' Donatello
Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutatin' Michelangelo
Mutatin' Raphael
Mutatin' Rocksteady
Mutatin' Splinter
Navy Seal Mike
Ninja Knockin' Bebop
The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Powerliftin' Don
Power Punchin' Rocksteady
Private Porknose Bebop
Raph, the Magnificent
Rock 'n Roll Mondo Gecko
Scale Tail
Sewer Cyclin' Raph
Sewer Scout Raph
Spike 'n Volley Don
Super-Swimmin' Raph
Toon Burne
Toon Dask
Toon Don
Toon Irma
Toon Kala
Toon Leo
Toon Mike
Toon Raph
Toon Shredder
Toon Vern
Toon Zak
Track 'n Field Leo
Turtle Troll Don
Turtle Troll Leo
Turtle Troll Mike
Turtle Troll Raph
Yankee Doodle Raph


Black Belt Boxer Mike
Cartwheelin' Karate Don
Cave Turtle Don and his Trippy Tyrannosaurus
Cave Turtle Mike and his Silly Stegosaurus
Cave Turtle Raph and his Tubular Pterodactyl
Channel 6 News Van with April (Green uniform repaint)
Don as Dracula
Farmer Mike and his Turtle Tractor
Giant Movie III Samurai Don
Giant Movie III Samurai Leo
Giant Movie III Samurai Mike
Giant Movie III Samurai Raph
Giant Movie Star Don
Giant Movie Star Leo
Giant Movie Star Mike
Giant Movie Star Raph
Giant Mutatin' Don
Giant Mutatin' Leo
Giant Mutatin' Mike
Giant Movie Mutatin' Raph
Giant Turtle Troll Don
Giant Turtle Troll Leo
Giant Turtle Troll Mike
Giant Turtle Troll Raph
Hot Spot
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph
Leo as the Wolfman
Mighty Bebop
Mike as Frankenstein
Movie III Samurai Evil War Horse with Castle Guard
Movie III Rebel War Horse with Rebel Soldier
Movie III Turtlepult with Whit
Mutatin' April
Mutatin' Foot Soldier
Mutatin' Rahzar
Mutatin' Shredder
Mutatin' Tokka
Night Ninja Bebop
Night Ninja Don
Night Ninja Leo
Night Ninja Mike
Night Ninja Raph
Night Ninja Rocksteady
Raph as the Mummy
Road Ready Don
Road Ready Leo
Road Ready Raph
Road Ready Shredder
Road Ready Splinter
Robotic Bebop
Robotic Rocksteady
Somersault Samurai Leo
Super Don
Super Mike
Super Shredder (Chef Boyardee Exclusive Repaint)


Airforce Mutation Donatello
Airforce Mutation Raphael
Arctic Donatello
Breakin' Loose Leonardo
Bride of Frankenstein April
Captain Leonardo
Cave Beast Bebop and his Bodacious Brontosaurus
Cave Woman April and her Radical Raptor
Chief Engineer Michaelangelo
Chief Medical Officer Raphael
Construction Mutation Donatello
Construction Mutation Leonardo
Construction Mutation Michaelangelo
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leo
Cruisin' Leo with Classic Sewer Cycle
Cyber Samurai Bebop
Cyber Samurai Don
Cyber Samurai Leo
Cyber Samurai Mike
Cyber Samurai Raph
Cyber Samurai Shredder
Deep Sea Diver Leonardo
Dwarf Don
Eggsplodin' Donatello
Farmer Don with Modern Mutant Tractor
First Officer Donatello
City Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Leonardo Figure!)
Dimension X Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Shredder Figure!)
Gatekeeper Rocksteady
Hero Hatchin' Michaelangelo
Invisible Man Mike
Krang's Android Body
Kung Fu Donatello
Kung Fu Michaelangelo
Kung Fu Raphael
Kung Fu Rocksteady
The High Flyin' Road Ragin' Combo (Mini-Mutant Turtle Blimp with Cheapskate and Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo Figure!)
The Mutant Military Combo (Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Copter and Turtle Cycle with Mini-Mutant Pro Pilot Donatello Figure!)
The Turtle Tenderizin' Combo (Mini-Mutant Module with Turtle Cycle and Mini-Mutant Shredder Figure!)
The Crushin' Slam Bam Combo (Mini-Mutant Technodrome with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Bebop Figure!)
Lunar Leonardo
Moon Lander Michaelangelo
The Mutant Raph
Pizza Tossin' Don
Pizza Tossin' Leo
Pizza Tossin' Mike
Pizza Tossin' Raph
Retro Rocket Raphael
Road Racin' Mike with Kowabunga Bike
Robotic Foot Soldier
Safari Michaelangelo
Savage Leo
Scuba Divin' Raph with Psych Out Spin Out Scuba Tube
Shell Splittin' Raphael
Shogun April
Shogun Don
Shogun Leo
Shogun Mike
Shogun Raph
Pizza Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Michaelangelo Figure!)
Shogun Shredder
Shogun Shoate
Shogun Splinter
Shogun Triceraton
Sewer Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Donatello Figure!)
Supermutant Bebop
Supermutant Donatello
Supermutant Leonardo
Supermutant Michaelangelo
Supermutant Raphael
Supermutant Rocksteady
Supermutant Shredder
Supermutant Splinter
Surfin' Leo with Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube
Touchdown Donatello
The Totally Tiny Turtle Combo (Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Newscycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Raphael Figure!)
Warrior Bebop
Undercover Donatello
Undercover Leonardo
Undercover Michaelangelo
Undercover Raphael


Barbaric (The Savage Dragon)
Battle Damage Dragon (The Savage Dragon)
Donatello (Jim Lee Sculpt)
Michaelangelo (Jim lee Sculpt)
Raphael (Jim Lee Sculpt)
Communications Specialist Leonardo
Covert Specialist Raphael
Demolition Specialist Donatello
Submergence Specialist Mike
Firefightin' Frenzy Combo (Mini-Mutant Fire Command Helicopter with Fire Response Cycle and Mini-Mutant Donatello Figure!)
Metallized Motorin' Combo (Metallized Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Metallized Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Michaelangelo Figure!)
Mighty Muscle Combo (Mini-Mutant Classic Convertible, American Convertible and Mini-Mutant Original Movie Donatello!)
Pizza Police Combo (Mini-Mutant S.W.A.T. Wagon with Police Cycle and Mini-Mutant Turtle Raphael Figure!)
The Mutant Combat Combo (Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Tank with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo Figure!)
Metallized Turtle Travelin' Combo (Metallized Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Metallized Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Michaelangelo Figure!)
Metal Mutant Donatello with Lion Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Leonardo with Dragon Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Michaelangelo with Beetle Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Raphael with Phoenix Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Shredder with Tiger Spirit Armor
Savage Dragon (The Savage Dragon)
She-Dragon (The Savage Dragon)
Shooter Donatello
Shooter Leonardo
Shooter Michaelangelo
Shooter Raphael
Sumo Michaelangelo
Sumo Raphael
Warrior Chrome Dome
Warrior Metalhead Michaelangelo Warrior Rocksteady
Warrior Winged Donatello
Warrior Winged Leonardo


Andro-Skeleton Leonardo
Coil Cool Donatello
Dynatronic Donatello
Lickety Split Leonardo
Mighty Mech Michaelangelo
Rapid Recoilin' Raphael
Robomatic Raphael
Robotation Michaelangelo
Stretch Donatello
Stretch Leonardo
Stretch Michaelangelo
Stretch Raphael
Stretch Shredder


Ankyl Leo
Donatello Water Warrior
Leonardo Wind Warrior
Michaelangelo Thunder Warrior
Pterano Don
Raphael Fire Warrior
Stego Raph
Tricera Mike
Tyranno Shredder


Leonardo (Jim Lee Sculpt)
Giant April
Metal Mutant Bebop with Fish Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Rocksteady with Serpent Spirit Armor
Metal Mutant Warhorse
Road Ready Raphael
Savage Leo with Sewer Warcat
Sewer Knight Mike
Shogun Bebop
Spellcaster Splinter
Team Ninja Don
Team Ninja Leo
Team Ninja Mike
Team Ninja Raph
Warrior Bebop Warrior Rahzar with Fur

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