For the 2007 CGI film TMNT, Playmates Toys majorly overhauled their toyline. No longer a compatible sub-line like they did with the previous two movies, the figures for the fourth film scale on average half an inch taller than most figures from the previous lines.

Following the movie line, sub-lines were planned which would release variants of each of the Ninja Turtles in the 2007 film's style, along with original villain characters. All four turtles of the Alien Hunters and Sub-Sewer sub-lines were released, but only two of the Alien Hunter enemies were given wide release, with the other two relegated to a UK-only release, and both of the Sub-Sewer figures went unreleased. The third planned sub-line, Global Mutant Missions, was canceled altogether.

Playmates also intended to integrate figures based on the 2009 incarnation of 4Kids Entertainment's animated series, TMNT: Back to the Sewer into this line, but none of those figures were released, either.

2007 releases

2008 Releases


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