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In the IDW continuity, Link is one of the Purple Dragons, and was first encountered by the Turtles when Michelangelo and Angel Bridge fought outside the Second Time Around store. He was easily subdued by Leonardo, and accompanied the Turtles to the nearest Foot Clan building, though he was unwilling to fight the Foot.

During the Hun micro-series issue, Link was in favor of joining the gang war, suggesting that they put it to a vote. He was then defeated by Arnold "Attila the Hun" Jones, and ended up following Hun when he took over the Purple Dragons. After Shredder's disappearance, Casey Jones found Chun, Link and Malo robbing a small convenience store, and drove them off. Later that evening, Link followed Hun and the other Purple Dragons to the Second Time Around store to menace the O'Neils. However, he was attacked by Angel and driven off by a person with a rolling pin.

In the Chasing Phantoms arc, Link was confronted by Casey Jones, who had been advised to take control of the Dragons. Link attempted to drive him off with a broken bottle, but Casey easily defeated him. He later accompanied Jones to a battle between the Turtles and Darius Dun's forces.

In the Christmas Special, Casey secretly pilfered Link's bag of cool ranch potato chips and took them to the Christmas party at the Turtles' lair. Link thought another of the Dragons had taken a bag, and was shown holding Malo in a chokehold.


  • He is called "Link" because he sometimes carries a length of heavy chain with him, which he occasionally uses as a weapon.
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