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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the Mirage continuity, Lilith is a werewolf and pack leader of the Sisterhood. But in her human appearance, she is also a musician popular with teenage goth girls. She appears in Tales of the TMNT volume 2, issue 7: Darkness Weaves, and makes later appearances in the miniseries Raphael: Bad Moon Rising.


According to Bad Moon Rising, Lilith was once married to Lord Chiton, ruler of the kingdom of Atlantia in the world of Nocturna. They had a daughter, Lucrezia, before they divorced. Lilith continued to raise Lucrezia with the Sisterhood at Lilith's Den.

In Darkness Weaves, Lilith used her popularity as a musician to recruit young human girls to her Sisterhood through a bloodletting ceremony at her clandestine music concerts. Shadow Jones and her friend Sloane attended one such concert in New York City. Sloane and many other girls at the concert drank Lilith's blood and became werewolves, but Shadow Jones was prevented from drinking by her Uncle Raphael. In the struggle that followed, Shadow accidentally killed Sloane in werewolf form, and Lilith swore revenge against Shadow for killing one of her pack sisters, forcing Shadow to flee New York and live in hiding at Jones Farm. Sloane was later actually resurrected by Lilith, but the pack leader was unable to restore all of Sloane's soul.

In Dark Moon Rising, Lilith along with most of her Sisterhood were kidnapped as part of a conspiracy by Chiton, Sloane, and Lord Incubor. Their gambit was to recruit Raphael and Shadow into helping rescue Lilith and to make Chiton look like a hero while simultaneously making Lilith look like an incompetent mother, all to play to Chiton's advantage in Lucrezia's next child custody hearing in court. Lilith survived the ordeal and made peace with Raphael and Shadow, but her den was all but destroyed, and Incubor had transformed her werewolves into zombies who could no longer lead normal lives.


  • The name Lilith (לִילִית) is from the Hebrew language, meaning "(woman) of the night."



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