Lifeguard leo figure , sewer spitting series 1992

The Life Savin' Leader!

Vital Spitistics

Accessories: Mutant Mega Phone, Katana Blade Umbrella, Sloppy Soda Bottle, Bionic Binoculars
Swimmin' Style: The Soak 'em Stroke
Favorite Dive: Half-gainer to a Pizza Pike

Lifeguard Leo is on duty and ready for action. This free-spirited spitter is out to protect our beaches from the likes of the Foot Clan. Like all good lifeguards, Leo is prepared for a day in the sun and Foot foolin' fun. He's got his mutant mega phone for blastin' out warnings to silly swimmers. Then there's the katana blade umbrella for sun protection and Foot puncturing. And no lifeguard would ever venture on the beach without a pair of bionic binoculars (specially made for Mutant Turtles). And when the day gets hot, Leo can take a slurp from his sloppy soda bottle and spray the overheating Foot into submission.

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