Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Life at Sea is the backup story of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe issue #24, published in July 2018 by IDW Publishing. It is 4 pages long.


Pigeon Pete is outside searching for Man Ray, and finds him sitting in an alley at the water's edge. Pete tells Ray that Old Hob needs him in the situation room. Ray has been enjoying the peacefulness of the sea, wishing he could live out in the water away from the violence and insanity.

Pete then imagines that it would be like to live on the high sea, and imagines himself and Ray as old timey pirates on a pirate ship. Captain Ray sings the Mutant Manta Ray's Song before his shipmate Pete alerts him that there are pirates off the starboard bow. Ray corrects Pete, pointing out that the pirates are at their left, which is "port;" right is "starboard." Ray orders the helmsman, Bosun Pride (a pirate version of Sally Pride), to intercept the other pirate vessel. Ray orders a pirate version of Herman, whose shell is a treasure chest, to use his cannons to fire on the other ship, starting a firefight between the two pirate ships. Ray orders his crew to repel boarders from the other ship: Captain Hobb (a pirate version of Old Hob) along with pirate versions of Mondo Gecko and Slash. During the swashbuckling, Pride warns that a third ship is approaching, bearing the flag of the notorious Greenbeard, a pirate version of Raphael.

Back with the real Pete and Ray at the dock, Pete continues narrating his pirate fantasy, but is interrupted by Ray, who clarifies that he meant living in the water away from their different enemies and problems. Pete reminds Ray that that would also mean being away from all his friends; Ray acknowledges Pete's point, and agrees to go with him to see Hob. As the two are walking away, Ray asks Pete to promise not to repeat to Hob what Ray told him, but Pete has already forgotten what they were talking about anyway.


Imaginary pirate characters