Lt leo.jpg

The Desert Duelin’ Dude!

Vital Statistics

Favorite Battle: Pizza Hill
Greatest Victory: Being able to tie his boots with three fingers

Over hill, over dale, Lieutenant Leo marches up the dusty trail. He’s an invasion force of one, an entire green ground war all by himself. Covered by his cleverly camouflaged combat clothes, Lt. Leo disappears into the sewer sand, leaving the Foot fools to wonder where he’ll strike next. Leo likes to level the losers with his pizza box bazooka, and when that’s not enough, he’ll hunker down and engage the enemy in a down ‘n dirty, hand-to-hand home boy duel. Let it be said, though, that Leo’s prime objective is to keep peace – and only when the Shredder shoots first does Leo let loose his bowling ball bombs on the fightin’ Foot pinheads!


  • Anti-Foot Flag
  • Two Bowling Ball Bombs
  • Pizza Box Bazooka
  • Tin Can Launcher


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