Panda Khan
Biographical information

A small out of the way dimension


Li Yang

Weapon(s) of choice

Dragon's Claws Sword, Gou Hook Sword, Sai, Bow and Arrows, Fusion Blaster



Physical description

Giant Panda






350 lbs. (that includes all his fur)

Hair color


Bandana color


Eye color


Out of universe information

Mirage Studios

First appearance

A Distant Soil (vol. 1) #6

Created by

Monica Sharp
Dave Garcia

Teachers and Students
Li Yang, the Panda Khan is unique in his ties to TMNT lore and a special, though somewhat elusive ally and friend to the Ninja Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo dating back to the very early days of both comic series.

The reason for Li Yang’s inclusion into the TMNT Playmates Toys fold aside from creator’s Dave Garcia and Monica Sharp’s friendship and association with Mirage Studios was also that at some point P.K. was to appear in the original TMNT cartoon show!! This is very similar to the effect of the deal made with Stan Sakai and the now iconic cross-over history that Usagi Yojimbo and his friends have had with the TMNT.

The boy warrior bear and all his spacey pals make some of their first appearances in Colleen Doran’s “A Distant Soil” #6 in 1985. An early version of the “The Chronicles of Panda Khan” appear in Doran’s cult favorite book, edited by Richard Pini of ‘Elfquest’.

The actual mini-series would span four issues and a hand full of fun crossovers between 1986–1990.

Comic cross-overs / pre- TMNT include an appearance in Usagi Yojimbo & the series EQUINE THE UNCIVILIZED #6. Here Li Yang shares cameos with the Turtles and Usagi as well as whole cavalcade of famous anthropomorphic comic critters!!

Some of his Pre-TMNT final appearances are in 1989′s Varmit’s Cross – over entitled “X-Khan” & the “Panda Khan – Special #1″ from 1990.

In the story “X-Khan,” When the evil Business Pirate and Crime Lord known as “The Cleaver” wishes to keep P.K. and his lovely pelt as an acquisition and 'Beat of Burden‘. Thus disrupting a trade with Khan’s Tong Pirate allies.

In May 2020, the character was acquired by Gaelstone Media.[1]

Khan signifies furiously :


The Cleaver and his associates then wish to de-claw P.K. But with the help of his powerful and ancient‘ Dragon’s Claw‘ sword, The Cleaver and his associates leave the business to Beaver and thus retire from criminal activity permanently!

List of Comic Appearances

  • A Distant Soil (Vol. 1) #6-9 (1985-1986)
  • WaRP Graphics Annual #1 (1986)
  • Laffin' Gas # 5 & 8 (1987)
  • The Chronicles of Panda Khan #1-4 (1987-1988)
  • Equine the Uncivilized #6 (1989)
  • Varmints Special #1 (1990)
  • Usagi Yojimbo (Vol. 1) #21 & 34 (1990,1992)
  • Panda Khan Special #1 (1990)
  • Airlock #3 (1992)
  • Patrick Rabbit #7 (1993)
  • Normalman/Megaton Man Special #1 (1994)
  • The Chronicles Panda Khan: Ash Can Edition 2019 (2019)

Comic Appearance Descriptions

  • A Distant Soil (Vol. 1) #6-9 (1985-1986), WaRP Graphics
    • Each issue includes an 8-page Panda Khan story.
    • Panda Khan is mentioned on each cover and pictured on the cover of #6.
  • WaRP Graphics Annual #1 (1986), WaRP Graphics
    • Panda Khan, Tales of the Brotherhood, In the Belly of the Golden Whale
      • 8-page story and cover appearance#
  • Laffin' Gas #5 (1987), Blackthorne Publishing, Incorporated
    • #5- Panda Khan, Tales of the Brotherhood: Fox Tale, 3-page story
  • Laffin' Gas #8 (1987), Blackthorne Publishing, Incorporated
    • #8- ..Get Bore-Us the Bear!
      • Panda Khan appears on 3 story pages, two of which are written by Monica Sharp and drawn by Dave Garcia. They also receive a "Special Thanks" in the credits.
      • TMNT appear on 6 story pages and in silhouette on the cover. Although Eastman & Laird did not draw the Turtles in this issue, they receive a "Special Thanks" in the credits.
        • Cerebus appears on 7 story pages and Usagi Yojimbo appears on 3 story pages, although Dave Sim and Stan Sakai are not given a "Special Thanks."
  • The Chronicles of Panda Khan #1-4 (1987-1988), Abacus Press
    • Issues 1 and 2 consist of remastered Panda Khan material from A Distant Soil #6-9. Additional pages were added and some title pages were removed.
  • Equine the Uncivilized #6 (1989), Graphxpress
    • Equine the Uncivilized: Painting the Town Red X Orange
      • Panda Khan appears on 2 story pages, the cover, and in a pin-up
      • TMNT appear on 2 pages, the cover, and a pin-up
      • Stan Sakai's Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy appear on 2 pages and Groundthumper appears on the wrap-around cover.
        • Although Usagi Yojimbo is rumored to appear in this issue and is mentioned in the credits, he does not make an appearance.
        • Other animal and anthropomorphic characters, both in satirical and straight forward presentations, appear.
  • Varmints Special #1 (1990), Blue Comet Press
    • X-Khan, 9-page Panda Khan story, inside front cover, and cover appearances
    • Back cover of Varmints characters and Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai
  • Usagi Yojimbo (Vol. 1) #21 (1990), Fantagraphics Books
    • #21- Panda Khan appears in the 8-page story, Dragon's Hide. This is a Panda Khan back-up feature story and does not include Usagi Yojimbo.
  • Usagi Yojimbo (Vol. 1) #21 & 34 (1992), Fantagraphics Books
    • #24- Usagi Yojimbo Meets Panda Khan, 8-page story.
  • Panda Khan Special # 1 (1990), Abacus Press
  • Airlock #3 (1992), Eclectus, Ltd.
    • X-Khan, 12-page Panda Khan story and cover appearance
  • Patrick Rabbit #7 (1993), International Humor Advisory Council Comics
    • Patrick Rabbit Meets Panda Khan, 8-page story
      • Patrick Rabbit's appearance in Usagi Yojimbo #7 is referenced.
    • Back cover features Patrick Rabbit with the TMNT and states that they appear courtesy of Mirage Studios and Surge Licensing.
    • This issue includes an introduction by former first lady, Barbara Bush, on White House letterhead.
  • Normalman/Megaton Man Special #1 (1994), Image Comics
    • Cover appearance only
  • The Chronicles Panda Khan: Ash Can Edition 2019 (2019), Abacus Press
    • Features the first 8 pages of Chronicles of Panda Khan #1, remastered and in color
    • Limited to 200 copies, Imperial Valley Comic Con Exclusive


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