Leonardo with storage shell
The Leader with a Locker!

Vital Stortistics

Accessories: Turtle Grappling Hook, Armadillo Club, Pizza Disc, Spiked Knuckle/Climbing Claw, Two Ninja Stars, Two Katana Blades
Capacity: Sixteen Turtle Tons
Favorite Book: Encyclopedia of Cabinets

Always prepared for any sewer situation, Leo’s got everything he needs in his new ninja nook. Now when Leo leads the fearless foursome into Foot territory, he’ll have all his wacky weapons to back him up. Everything fits neatly into Leo’s travelling Turtle trunk; the armadillo club packed in place, the spiked knuckles securely stored and the pizza disc mutantly mounted. Even with all this, Leo still has room for his katana blades, grappling hook and ninja stars, plus any extra sewer stuff you can cram in. So load him up, ’cause Leo is one leader who won’t get caught with his back empty.


  • The 1994 reissue was released with a black belt and yellow crystalline weapons and the grappling hook now had a small piece of black string added to it.


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