Ninja-T Versus T-Rex!

Flung back in time by a powerful Foot Mystic, Leonardo finds himself all alone and face-to-face with a towering Tyrannosaurus Rex - a hungry one! It's the bout of the century (a 100 million B.C. century!) - mutant reptile versus monster reptile, razor-honed steel versus razor-sharp teeth, martial arts versus snapping jaws - as Leonardo musters all of his ninja skill to keep from winding up as a tyrannosaur road kill! It's T.M.N.T. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) versus T.M.N.T. (Towering Massive Nasty Therapod) in a battle beyond space and time!


The tyrannosaurus of this set is a repainted version of either Sauron or Diablo from Playmates Toys' short-lived action figure line based on the fighting game Primal Rage.

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