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Issue #4 of IDW Publishing's first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series. This issue features Leonardo and follows his search for Splinter after he was kidnapped by Old Hob in Enemies Old, Enemies New, part 3.


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Splinter has been kidnapped by Old Hob and taken to StockGen's labs. The Turtles, unsure of where Splinter has been taken, begin searching for him. Leonardo come sup with the plan to search everywhere they've ever been, especially places where they've faced off against Hob and his gang. The Turtles split up to search.

Leo stops at a construction site on his way to StockGen. He stops to weigh his options and thinks about the memories that have come back from his former life; memories of being a family, memories of their mother. As he sits and reflects a group of Foot Ninja attack him. He tries to interrogate them as they fight but their numbers keep increasing until he has to fall back and regroup. Leo leaps from one building in progress to another to give himself some time. A few Foot Ninja are able to make the jump but he takes them out quickly. He's decided to take one back with him to get some answers out of when a homeless woman jumps out of the shadows and distracts him. More Foot Ninja keep arriving and Leo asks them to leave the woman out of this, she's innocent. He's overwhelmed by foes as he watches Foot Ninja drag the woman away. He thinks back to his previous life in Feudal Japan and how his mother was innocent and killed by the Foot Clan, and in a rage he manages to throw off all his attackers. After rescuing the woman he fights his way to the top floor. There, a lone unarmed ninja with a scar across one eye is waiting for him. Leo charges, but the ninja is incredibly fast. He makes short work of Leo and tells Leo he's unimpressed with his skills, then drops him off the building into a dumpster, followed by his katanas.

Leo limps home and tells his brothers, Casey and April about the ninja army that attacked him. They wonder if the ninjas were working with Hob or if they were on their own. Leo says that no matter what, they'll keep fighting, and they'll get Splinter back.

This story continues in Shadows of the Past, part 1.





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