• (in Captain Ryan voice) Gentlemen, I have a bold and daring plan! There's no time for hesitation! My orders must be carried out, without question! (Sees the others have gone) Guys? Guys, wait up! - Rise of the Turtles, Part 1
  • "(To Raph) You... are seriously twisted." - Rise of the Turtles Part 2
  • 'I think it's pretty obvious what we have to do. We go in there and take down that portal.TCRI
  • "It's my call, I decide who gets a beat down." (After seeing Baxter Stockman breaking-in a building) "That guy needs a beat down."I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman
  • Everyone stand your ground! (laser gun gets charged) On second thought, RUN!"- Metalhead .
  • I should've told you about Karai sooner, but I really thought there was a chance she could be good! And...I guess I sort of... Liked her... Go ahead...laugh... - The Alien Agenda
  • Imagine if they knew who they were working for. (In a Kraang-like voice) The ones who are working for this place must punch the card that is known as the 'timecard' in the clock which is known as the clock of time. - TCRI
  • "I trusted you!"The Alien Agenda
  • Your father?! Shredder is your father?! You're Shredder's daughter?Enemy of my Enemy
  • (to Mikey) ,,You did save our lives but, you also used my favourite comic book as a toilet paper!" - ,,Parasitica"
  • "Sweet, captured and totally humiliated. Awesome day, Leo. Awesome day..." - Follow the Leader
  • "Shredder is lying to you. Splinter would never hurt an innocent. Your grudge is with me. Stay away from my brothers, and my Sensei, understood? Believe me, Karai." - Follow The Leader
  • "Donnie, we have no choice. Whatever the Pulverizer...Timothy was, is gone now." - Mutagen Man Unleashed
  • So whats with the new turtle?-Slash and Destroy
  • "THAT WAS SPIKE!!???" - Slash and Destroy

  • Leo: (watches Space Heroes)
  • Raph: Seen this enough times, chief?
  • Leo: Would you shh-! This is the best part!
  • Reporter on TV: We interrupt this program t-
  • Leo: Awwwwww!!!!... 

  • Kraang: The halting of Kraang is not a thing that the ones who are Turtles will be doing to Kraang
  • Leo: Wrong! The halting of Kraang is exactly the thing that the ones who are-...ugh, just halt!

Leo (to Raph): Well...say it.

Raph: Okay, okay. You were right.

Leo (smiling): See, that wasn't so-

Raph (interrupting): Your wimpiness may not be totally useless.

Leo: Oh, I'll show you who's wimpy. No mercy! (tackles Raph) - Never Say Xever

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