Buggy leodon3

Turtles' Interlocking Speed Machines


Turtles’ Interlocking speed machines! Straight from the hit TV show, the Leo & Donnie Patrol Buggies are individually customized and ready to roll! Run the Foot off the road with Leo's rocket "grenade" or scare 'em to the sidewalk with Donnie's Kraang-crushing big wheels.

Connect the two buggies and launch Leo forward for a Ninja Battle Boost! Fire that rocket grenade!

Leo's buggy is a road-blasting driving machine in blue and silver, with a sewer-sludge powered engine and lever to launch his rocket grenade (included)

Donnie's high-back Patrol Buggy is equipped with a powerful engine and super-big wheels, made for Foot and Kraang slammin' action!

Connect all four vehicles to form one mega Ninja Buggy. With the Buggies on patrol, no one dares trash Turtle turf!


  • Figures and Raph & Mikey Patrol Buggies are all sold separately.
  • when joined together it is the ultamite weapon


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