Leo, the Sewer Samurai (1990 action figure)

The Samurai Battle Commander!

Vital Samtistics

Accessories: Samurai Suit, Samurai Sword with Sheath, Wacky War Banner, Samurai Shield
Favorite Food: Sushi Pizza
Favorite Art: Martial
Favorite Movie: The Seven Samurai

Because of his nightmarish ninja maneuvers, Leonardo has advanced to earn his samurai status. Now Leo, the Sewer Samurai, can really take charge. With the traditional training of the past, Leo's now ready to pulverize the present. Watch the Foot fall to their knobby knees when they wage war against this top Turtle teen. Nothing can shell-shock this shogun! He's got it all: samurai sewer sword and shield, battle-ready samurai suit and wacky war banner.

In keeping with his Ninja Turtle tradition of righting wrongs, this champion of the chain mail uses his sword-swingin' samurai skills to skewer the Foot and scarf sushi pizza pies.


1988 Raphael's head was used in the creation of this figure.  


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