The Turbo-hovering Sewer Cycle


Adjustable Handlebar Toejammer, Detachable Mutant Buzzard, Sewer-powered Exhaust Pipes, Nitro pepperoni Auxiliary Fuel Tank, Two Surface-to-shark Missiles, Three Anti-gravity Hover Pods, Callous Foot Scrapper, Foot-poking Side Spikes 


"Leo's layin' low and hoverin' high as he ruthlessly rides on his totally turbo Turtle Trike! He thrashes the throttle and takes aim at the Foot with the optic-sensitive toejammer. This sleek sewer cycle proudly patrols the pipes for Shredder's pungent punks. And Leo can cut through the muck with the Foot-finding floodlight - and then take aim with his surface-to-shark missiles. Nothing's more Foot flattening - nothing, except maybe Raph's Turtle Dragster.


This toy is a recolour of the Psycho Cycle (1990 toy).


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