Swamp Stompin', Ragin' Cajun Gator

Vital Gatortistics

Weapons: Turtle Trap, Swamp Gun, Jumbo Gumbo Belt
Birthplace: Florida Neverglades
Height: 12' 4"
Weight: 871 lbs.
Favorite Songs: "Swamp Stomp," "Old Man Gator"
Favortie Food: Cajun-Spiced Turtle

While scum-skulking through the green, slimy depths of a rank Florida swamp, a garden-variety gator swam through a streak of orange mutagen. Faster than snap, crackle and crunch, this grinning gator mutated into Leatherhead, the biggest, meanest reptile ever to hit the amphibious circuit.

Rippling with supermutant strength and swimming ability, Leatherhead enjoys just a pinch of Turtle between his teeth and gum for true chewin' satisfaction.

This garbage can gourmet fills his gullet by trapping Turtles, tenderizing them with a blast of his swamp gun and mixing in a bag of red-hot Cajun spices. Leatherhead is the undisputed king of the swamp and could be the next sultan of the sewer when Shredder drafts him into the dreaded Foot Clan.


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