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In the Mirage TMNT universe, the turtles' lair refers not to one lair, but to multiple homes they have lived in over the course of the series. These homes include:

  • Their first sewer lair, where Splinter raised the turtles from early childhood. This was partially destroyed by Mousers in the second issue, and had to be abandoned. It was later given to Leatherhead after the destruction of his previous lair.
  • April O'Neil's apartment in the Second Time Around building, where the turtles (and later Splinter) lived with April for over a year after losing their original lair. This was destroyed in fire during an attack by the Foot Clan in Silent Partner. The burned-out ruin later served as the cite of the climactic battle against the Shredder Elites in City at War.
  • The Jones Farm outside Northampton, Massachusetts is where Casey Jones invited April, Splinter and the turtles to live in True Stories after the destruction of the Second Time Around building. Some or all of the main characters would occasionally live on this farm for the rest of the series. The first time they lived here, they stayed for over a year until Return to New York, Book One.
  • After returning to New York City, Splinter and the turtles established a second sewer lair. It was around this time they first met Leatherhead, and let him live in the original sewer lair they had long since abandoned. This second lair features in the main comic series only in volume 1's Leatherhead, Too, but is featured in many other backup stories and various Tales of the TMNT stories set during this time period. Splinter and the turtles eventually left this lair for unknown reasons, returning to the farm for a period of time before City at War.
  • In City at War, Splinter, April and Casey went their separate ways, the farm was boarded up, and the turtles returned to New York City. For the first half of City at War, the turtles were squatting inside an abandoned empty water tower above the rooftop of a building. This lair was eventually destroyed by Karai in an attempt to forcibly flush out the turtles so she could talk to them.
  • In volume 2's Memories of the Future, Splinter and Donatello lived together in the wilderness as the turtle was recovering from the traumatic injuries he sustained in City at War.
  • In Winds of Change, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael were living in the basement studio apartment of the building April recently bought from Casey's mother. This didn't last long, as Raph became fed up living with his brothers and moved out on his own. Donnie lived alone at the farm.
  • In Evolution, Raph moved into the belfry of a cathedral, while Leo and Mikey found a third sewer lair to live in. The belfry was never shown again, and Splinter, Raph and Donnie were living in the third sewer lair after volume 2 ended. This lair would continue to be their home during volume 4.

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