Savage Dragon
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Chicago, Illinois


Kurr, Dragon, Officer Dragon, Savage Dragon

Date of death



Police Officer, former warlord

Physical description

6' 6"


450 lbs.



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Savage Dragon (miniseries) #1

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Officer Dragon, real name Kurr, is the original protagonist of Erik Larsen's The Savage Dragon comic book series. After being found nude in a burning Chicago field by Lt. Frank Darling, the green-skinned, fin-headed amnesiac is given the name "Dragon" and recruited to the Chicago Police Department. It is later revealed that before being found by Darling, Dragon was a genocidal and tyrannical alien warlord named Kurr, who had his people stage a mutiny against him, giving him brain damage and dumping him on Earth. Eventually Dragon's role as the lead of the series is succeeded by his son Malcolm, and Dragon later dies in the line of heroism.

TMNT Crossovers

Officer Dragon had crossed over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles several times, most of which occurred while the Turtles were being published under Image Comics' label. His first encounter with the Turtles happened early into his police career when he was called to New York to deal with an apparent living gargoyle. With the help of the Turtles, he was able to defeat the witch responsible for the animated gargoyles, Virago (TSD series, #2 & TMNT/TSD I). He met the Turtles a second time when a cloned Complete Carnage began a rampage in Chicago and the Turtles traveled there to stop him. Dragon managed to punch Carnage into the lake, where the creature was drowned by one of Dragon’s foes, the Fiend (TSD series, #22 & TMNT/TSD II). He met the Turtles a third time when the Turtles’ search for Splinter led them to Chicago at reports of vampire killings going on in the city. With Dragon’s help, their search led them not to Splinter, but instead DeathWatch, a super-powered villain on a vengeful killing spree. Donatello put DeathWatch down, then the Turtles let Dragon borrow their aircar (TMNT Vol. 3, #10 & 11).There were also two figures of Officer Dragon released under the TMNT toyline.

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