Kuro Kabuto

The Kuro Kabuto is an ancient relic and symbol of the Foot Clan, it was created by the clan's founder, Koga Takuza, about 1,500 years ago. To forge it, he used the totems of his defeated enemies, creating a helmet stronger than steel. Oroku Saki vowed to protect the helmet with his life when he became the leader of the Foot Clan. It first appeared in the 2012 TV series episode Rise of the Turtles, Part 2, but only in The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto, its history of origin was revealed.


  • Kuro Kabuto is meant to mean "Black Helmet" in Japanese. Its kanji spelling is 黒冑, and its kana spelling is くろかぶと. However, this word formation would be atypical of Japanese grammar. Though kuro means "black", the word kuro in isolation means "the color black" as a noun. As an adjective, the proper form is 黒い kuroi, with -i as an adjectival suffix, so the proper two-word adjective-noun form would be Kuroi Kabuto, "black(-adjective) helmet". The morpheme kuro can, however, be used to form compound words, so that Kurokabuto "Blackhelm" is possible as one word. These word boundary distinctions are understood on a lexical level and are reflected in proper rōmaji transliteration, but Japanese writing itself is superficially more ambiguous because sentences are usually written without spaces separating words.
  • In Vengeance is Mine, it was revealed the Kabuto's mouth plate is removable, much like previous versions of Shredder's helmet.
  • In The Super Shredder, upon the Shedder's violent mutation, he grabs the Kuro Kabuto and puts it on, causing the legendary helmet to become disfigured and fuse with Saki's head, essentially becoming a part of him.
    • This was shown when Donatello scanned him on the Shellraiser, veins of mutagen were coursing through the kabuto like the rest of Shredder's body.
    • However in Owari, following Super Shredder's demise, Leonardo managed to take the mutated Kuro Kabuto off his head through an unknown means.
  • When Shredder resurrected with the mutated Kuro Kabuto, the mask part of the helmet was gone and only the top part of the Kabuto remained on the Undead Shredder's skull.


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