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Krisa is a mutant python, first appearing at the end of Service Animals, part 1. She is a "product" of Null Group and was summoned by Zodi to assist in fending off the intruding Raphael and Alopex.

As her mutation is rather recent, she isn't as indoctrinated into Null's ideology. Krisa also has a functioning conscience and can empathize with others, in stark contrast to Zodi's blatantly sociopathic personality. Because of this, Alopex was able to convince Krisa to side with her and Raphael and allow them to free the stolen pets which Null was to use for mutation. She does so by constricting around Zodi and telling them where the pets were being held. However, Krisa refuses to accompany Alopex and Raphael to freedom.

Later, Null plans to berate Krisa for allowing the animal extraction to take place, but Zodi covers for Krisa, telling Null that all of that night's events were her fault. Despite Null clearly seeing what Zodi has done, she allows this. When they are alone, Zodi said it is because they are both part of the same program and that although under-trained, Krisa would still be a great asset.

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