Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Page 1

Stone Soldier "Waste 'em all!"


Raphael "Raagh!"

Stone Soldier "Grk!"



Raph "Damn! Feels like I just clocked a boulder."

Zak "They're not called stone soldiers for nothing."

Raph "So, what now?"

Zak "Now?"

Zak "Now I'm going to show you what this baby can do to one of Krang's battle tanks."

Zak "I promise you..."

Page 2

"...It'll be a blast!"

Krang "Kill the intruders!"

Michelangelo "Princess, look out!"

Dask "Kala, get the king and queen out of there! I'll cover!"

Kala "You, with me. Princess, stay down."

Trib "But—"

Kala "I'm sorry, Your Highness—it's too risky."

Mikey "Don't worry, Princess. I'll be right back."

Mikey "Okay—you shoot, I scoot!"

Trib "Fine, I'll stay behind..."

Trib "...But I will not stay down!"

Page 3

Soldier "Yagh!"

Krang "Tragg, your idiots are worthless!"

Krang "Allow me to demonstrate the proper way to dispose of rubbish."

Leonardo "Take out the soldiers, Dask..."

Leo "...I'll handle the tin can!"

Leo "Raagh!"


Krang "Insect!"


Leo "Whuf!"

Page 4

Mikey "Hurry! Get the king and queen, Kala!"

Mikey "I'm gonna go a few rounds with Krang's pet rock!"


Tragg "Gah!"

Krang "Mutant turtles? You must be Stockman's little experiment gone awry."

Krang "Yet another of that intolerable buffoon's failures I am forced to clean up."

Leo "More like we're gonna clean up the twisted mess you and your stooges are making, Krang!"

Mikey "Yeah! Like ninja janitors!"

Dask "Quickly, Your Highnesses. We need to get you away from here."

Gizzla "Commander Dask... Who... Who are the green ones?"

Dask "Friends, Your Majesty..."

Dask "...Very brave friends."

Page 5

Leo "We won't let you hurt these peopl, Krang, and we won't let you destroy our planet!"

Krang "Fool! It is not your place to "let" me do anything! I dictate what will and will not be!"

Mikey "Whatever. The rebellion's gonna spank your evil space empire's butt!"

Mikey "Man, I always wanted to say that."


Leo "Hyah!"


Krang "Brash words from ones so insignificant."

Krang "I don't know how you've found your way into my war..."

Krang "...But I promise you will rue the day you chose to oppose me..."


Leo "Urf!"


Krang "...All of you."

Mikey "So much for "in and out without shots bein' fired," big bro."

Leo "Yeah."

Page 6

Zayton Honeycutt "Good work, Donatello. Our adjustments have to be precise if the END Missile has any chance of working."

Donatello "This technology is really blowing my mind. All the things you've invented, Professor—it's so amazing!"

Donnie "Heck, even the stuff you said you did at StockGen. I mean, if you really think about it, you invented my family, too."

Honeycutt "Well, I don't know about "invented," but I suppose I did play a part in your existence."

Donnie "If you ask my father, he'd say it was all fate and destiny. He claims we were reincarnated from feudal Japan—now that's crazy."

Honeycutt "Perhaps..."

Honeycutt "...Or perhaps not."

Donnie "Huh?"

Honeycutt "Do you know how our teleportation device works, Donatello?"

Honeycutt "Elements are scanned down to the atomic level. Then, that information is transmitted to the receiving location and used to construct replicas, not from the actual material of the originals, but from atoms of the same kind, arranged in exactly the same pattern as the originals."

Honeycutt "The originals, of course, are destroyed during the scanning process."

Donnie "So... It's like we were copied and pasted here, while our originals were deleted?"

Honeycutt "Excellent summary, Donatello."

Honeycutt "Though, like my own explanation, it only describes the science of it all..."

Honeycutt "...The calculations we use to gauge muscle mass, genetic makeup, cellular formation and reformation, et cetera."

Honeycutt "But nowhere in those complicated equations do we take into account the essence of the individual--the soul, if you will. Really, it's such a magnificent mystery, how could we?"

Page 7

Honeycutt "And yet, the very thing that makes a being who they truly are--their soul--survives the teleportation trip every single time. Intangible... Yet intact."

Honeycutt "Or, consider myself for that matter. Externally, I am a synthetic construct. But, internally, I am who I have always been--Honeycutt... Neutrino by birth, professor by trade, husband and father in my heart."

Honeycutt "I wonder... If our true essences, of their own volition, are able to make the journey across dimensions via technology, why not across space and time via reincarnation as well?"

Donnie "But... What about proof, Professor? There's no way to test it... No empirical evidence. You're just supposed to... Believe it?"

Honeycutt "Yes, you are right--there is no scientific proof that it is possible. But there is also no definitive proof that it is not."

Honeycutt "So, rejecting the possibility without earnest consideration..."

Honeycutt "...Perhaps that is what would be truly "crazy." "

Honeycutt "Well, gentlemen, that's that. Either my END Missible works or it doesn't--we will find out shortly."

Felix "Are you saying we're ready for launch, Professor?"

Honeycutt "Yes, Felix, as ready as we can be under these circumstances. We've done our very best."

Honeycutt "Now we can only pray to the creator..."

Page 8

"...That our best was not too late."

Zak "Watch and learn!"



Zak "Direct hit! Did you see that, daddy-o?"

Raph "Wha?! I think my ears took a direct hit, too. How 'bout a warnin' next time you decide to blow up the world?"

Zak "Ha! C'mon, let's move it—that shot exposed our position. We'll be safer if we keep moving an—"

Raph "Gyah!"

Raph "You were saying?"

Zak "Yeah..."

Zak "...This could definitely be a problem."

Page 9

Soldier "Central, this is Block M. We've got a problem here, over."

>Block M, this is Central—what's the situation, over?<

Soldier "We've had a breach at the cryo-stasis chamber. There's a man down outside and—"

Soldier "—Oh, no."

Soldier "Central, we need to go into full lockdown... Now!"

Central >Block M, what is going—<

Soldier "Just shut up and secure the perimeter, dammit!"

Soldier "Someone's been in here and... Oh man, this is really bad!"

Central >What is it, Block M?<

Soldier "One of the brain-things... The Utroms... Is dead!"

Central >You're sure?<

Soldier >Yeah, I'm sure—it's just hanging limp and all its ooze is gone!<

Soldier >If whoever did this gets away, Krang's gonna kill us, too!<

Page 10

Krang "You thought you could defeat me?! I am Krang—son of Quanin!"

Leo "Mikey, watch out!"


Krang "I will not be stopped!"


Mikey "Nnf!"

Mikey "Bro, this is the total suck. And I thought Slash was hard, man."

Leo "Tell me about it."

Dask "Hurry, Your Majesties... We must move quickly!"

Trib "It's all right, Commander."

Trib "...I will ensure your safety!"

Dask "Princess, no! Wait!"

Krang "Wha—?!"


Krang "You dare, you insolent brat?!"

Page 11


Trib "Aaahh!"

Mikey "Princess!"

Mikey "Okay, that's enough, creep face!"



Mikey "Whuf!"

Krang "Yes, you are correct, mutant—enough!"

Krang "I will have the Fugitoid! I will create New Utrominon!"

Krang "And the Utroms will rule the universe again!"



Mikey "Dangit, he's still coming. Nothin's gonna stop butt-ugly brain boy."

Leo "C'mon, Mike, don't quit..."

Page 12

Leo "...We can take this walking terrarium down!"



Kala "There you go, Your Majesty."

Gizzla "Thank you, Kala."

Dask "Are you all right, King Zenter?"

Zenter "Yes, yes, Commander Dask, Gizzla and I are fine... Thank you."

Trib "You were right, Commander."

Page 13

"...Our new friends are extremely brave."

Raph "Crap! This thing just doesn't give up!"

Zak "Just keep running!"

Zak "Any NRF, any NRF, this is Command 1, do you copy? Over!"

Echo 8 >Command 1, this is Echo 8 mobile armor, I copy, over!<

Zak "Echo 8, what's your status? Over!"

Echo 8 "We're taking heavy fire from all sides! Say again, heavy fire from all sides! Things aren't looking so good..."

Echo 8 >...Don't know how much longer we can hang on without reinforcements, over!<

Zak "Acknowledged, Echo 8. Keep up the good fight and I'll see if I can get you some help. Out."

Raph "So, keep running—that's your brilliant master plan, pal?"

Zak "Yeah, that..."

Page 14

"...And praying for a miracle wouldn't be a bad idea, either."

"Do you still have the END Missile locked in, Professor?"

Honeycutt "Affirmative, Felix... Remote tracking remains engaged. So far, so good..."

Honeycutt "...I only hope we make it before it's too late."

Donnie "Yeah, Professor..."

Donnie "...You and me both."

Page 15

Krang "You only delay the inevitable, mutant fools!"

Krang "My people's destiny will not be denied!"

Kala "Please, stay down, Your Majesties. We must guard you—"

Zenter "Nonsense—I've already told you we are fine."

Gizzla "Commander, my husband is right—your new comrades need you more than we do."

Dask "Okay... Kala, get the king and queen out of here. I'm going—"


Dask "—Gyagh!"

Tragg "Nobody move!"

Krang "Yes... I suggest you do as the good captain says."

Mikey "Dangit. I knew I shoulda hit rock dude harder."

Page 16

Zak "Stay low!"

Raph "No more runnin'?"

Zak "Nowhere to run!"

Raph "Yeah, figured you'd say that. Wait..."

"...What's that?"

Zak "That, my friend, is the miracle we were hoping for."

Raph "Yeah, well, it's gonna be the shortest miracle ever..."

Raph "...If that damn thing gets its way."

Zak "No! It'll blast it out of the sky!"

Raph "Not if I can help it."

Raph "Okay, I watched..."

Raph "...Hope I learned!"


Page 17


Zak "Yeah! Raph!"


Stone Soldier "What the—?!"

Stone Soldier "My gun won't shoot!"

Donnie "Professor, it's working!"

Honeycutt "Yes, just as designed. The END Missile has disabled the unique frequency Krang's weapons operate on..."

Honeycutt "...They are effectively disarmed while our soldiers are not. We have won."

Donnie "Hey, there's Raph!"

Donnie "Thank God!"

Raph "Bro, I never thought I'd be so damn happy to see a buncha super nerds in a space car."

Page 18

Krang "That's it, lower your weapons. Though I've enjoyed our little sparring session, you have lost. You know what it is I truly desire..."

Krang "...Why waste more of your own pathetic blood when all I want is the Fugitoid?"

Honeycutt "I am here, Krang."

Honeycutt "And you are wrong..."

Mikey "Sweet!"

Honeycutt "...We have not lost. I have disabled the frequency your army operates under—you are finished."

Zak "Back off!"

Krang "Stand your ground, Captain Tragg. We have the advantage."

Zak "Your army's history, Krang—they can't give up quick enough."

Krang "No, Neutrino. My army may have surrendered, but I never will."

Krang "Give me the Fugitoid or your mutant friend will die."

Mikey "Uh... Guys..."

Krang "Did you really believe my own weapons were on the same frequency?"

Zak "You can't kill us all!"

Krang "No... Just most of you."

Honeycutt "Stop..."

Page 19

Honeycutt "...That will not be necessary."

Honeycutt "Deactivate your weapon, Krang. I will go with you."

Zak "Wait... What?!"

Honeycutt "Krang's army has been stopped and Neutrino is safe once more. Please, I cannot allow any further bloodshed on my behalf."

Dask "You... You can't."

Honeycutt "I can... And I must, Commander Dask."

Donnie "But, Professor—"

Honeycutt "It's all right, Donatello--this battle is won but the war goes on. This is what I must do."

Honeycutt "And you must work against the Technodrome. There's time yet... But not much. Together, we can continue the fight."

Krang "Enough!"

Krang "Tragg, grab hold of that blasted robot before it changes its puny mind and forces me to destroy everyone here. And tell Burnow to bring us back. Now!"

Tragg "Burnow, this is Tragg. Engage teleportation."

Honeycutt "Farewell, my friends..."

Tragg "And your other troops, General?"

Krang "Leave those cowards to rot on this dung heap, for all I care."

Krang "...I'll just make a new army."


Page 20

Mikey "Wow. Crazy day."

Raph "You ain't kiddin', little bro."

Kala "Commander, you're wounded."

Dask "I'm okay, Kala—just a little singed. I'll have the medics tape me up in a bit."

Dask "But, first..."

Dask "...Thank you, my friend. Without the help of you and your brothers, I don't know how we could've saved Neutrino."

Dask "It has been a true honor to fight alongside all of you."

Leo "Same, Commander. We're just happy we could help."

Zenter "Yes. Your bravery has been astounding to behold."

Trib "Especially Michelangelo's!"


Mikey "Ohhh, snap..."

Gizzla "Each of you, in your own way, has proven courageous beyond words."

Zenter "Please, from my family—from our planet—know that we are eternally in your debt."

Trib "Forever our heroes and forever our friends..."

Page 21

"...No matter where you might be."

April O'Neil "We've lost them, Casey."

Casey Jones "Don't say that, April."

April "No, we have..."

April "...And it's all my fault."

April "Maybe if I hadn't talked them into going with me to the park. If I'd just gone to talk to Chet alone, maybe—"

Casey "No, April... It ain't your fault. The guys would do anything for you, no matter what the risks. Those green knuckleheads love you as much as you love them—you know that."

Casey "And so do..."


Casey "What the—?!"

Raph "Cripes, Casey..."

Page 22

Raph "...That any way to greet your long-lost pals?"

April "Guys!"

Donnie "Hi, April."

Mikey "A hug and a kiss in the same day? I rule!"

Casey "Raph... Man!"

Raph "Yeah."

Splinter "Casey Jones... Miss O'Neil... Is everything..."

Splinter "...All right?"

Leo "Father!"

Splinter "My sons... Is it really you?"

Leo "Yes, Sensei..."

Leo "...And wait 'till we tell you where we've been!"

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