TMNT Krang War TPB

Trade paperback cover by Nick Patarra


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

The sixth story arc in IDW's TMNT continuity. Comprises issues 17 through 20. This story sees the Turtles finally come face-to-face with General Krang.


Part One - Issue #17


Issue 17 Cover A by Ben Bates

The issue opens on the planet of Neutrino. The Neutrino Resistance Fighters have been under siege by General Krang's forces for ten days, and are outmanned and outgunned. The leader of the Neutrinos, King Zenter, sends Commander Dask and his team of commandos to find Professor Honeycutt, the Fugitoid, and bring him back to help the Neutrinos turn the tide of the war. 

Donatello and April O'Neil are repairing the generator at the Ninja Turtles' new home, the bunker underneath the abandoned church. Casey Jones arrives with pizza and Michelangelo asks if he saw Woody Dirkins, but he didn't. Master Splinter calls a family meeting and starts off by acknowledging the setbacks they have recently faced. They have all been tested and shown their courage and skill, and must use this as momentum to go forward, and form a proactive plan. He says that although their enemies benefit from alliances, they benefit from being a true family. They must act, and April knows where they should start.

General Krang has just brought Baxter Stockman to Planet Neutrino to show him the scale of the conflict he is currently engaged in and emphasize the need for Stockman to complete the Technodrome quickly. Stockman says it is beyond his skill to complete it. Krang tells him that his forces are currently hunting down the Fugitoid to use his advanced knowledge to help finish the Technodrome. 

At the Foot Clan compound, the Shredder is asking why Oroku Karai has not begun trying to capture Leonardo so that he may enlist him as his second-in-command. She says that she has, but first she must level the playing field by procuring more of the Utroms' ooze

April is having coffee with her coworker Chet Allen at the park late at night while Casey and the other Turtles watch from a distance. She is attempting to get any information she can about what's really going on at Stockgen. Chet warns her that she could endanger herself by asking too many questions, when all of a sudden Commander Dask and his commandos materialize, saying they're there to rescue him, as Chet is in reality Professor Honeycutt, the Fugitoid, in disguise. Casey and the Turtles immediately spring into action to protect April. Casey manages to get April to safety but the Neutrinos attack to protect Professor Honeycutt. The Neutrinos are teleported back to Planet Neutrino but the Turtles are taken with them, brought back into the midst of a battle between the NRF and Krang's stone soldiers. 

Part Two - Issue #18


Issue 18 Cover A by Ben Bates

The Turtles have been teleported back with the Neutrino commandos to the NRF command center, which is under attack. The Neutrinos immediately begin firing back against Krang's troops, but the Turtles demand some answers first. The Neutrinos tell them they'll get all the information they want but first they have to make sure they survive Krang's attack. Working together, the Neutrinos and the Turtles defeat Krang's troops and get to safety. 

April and Casey head back to the Turtles' home to tell Splinter what happened. Splinter loses his cool thinking that he may have lost his sons again, but regains his composure, knowing his sons are well-trained and can handle themselves. He, April and Casey decide to keep trying to figure things out and make plan to infiltrate Stockgen. 

The Turtles and the Neutrinos encounter more stone soldiers, this time trying to kidnap Princess Trib. Michelangelo manages to rescue her, but King Zenter and Queen Gizzla are taken by Krang's troops. 

Casey waits in April's van while April heads into Stockgen at night. Once inside she manages to smoothtalk her way into convincing Lindsey, one of the scientists working with the mutagen, that she's also on the project, and tries to find out where Chet is. Lindsey says she isn't sure, but says he may have been called by Krang to Burnow Island. Karai, who is spying from outside, learns this as well. 

Princess Trib thanks the Turtles for aiding the Neutrinos and rescuing her, and the Turtles are brought up to speed on the situation with the Neutrinos, Krang and the Fugitoid. They came through the interdimensional portal to Dimension X, home of Planet Neutrino and the late Planet Utrominon, from where Krang, and his father Quannin before him have been attempting to conquer the entire dimension. Chet, revealing his true form as the Fugitoid, explains that he was once a Neutrino scientist, conscripted into working for Krang. He warned the Utroms that they were using their primordial ooze at an unsustainable rate, but they did not listen, thus dooming their entire civilization. Quannin and the majority of the Utroms perished, but a few who heeded Honeycutt's warning managed to travel to Burnow Island where they remain in cryostasis in ooze. That is when Krang made the decision to create a new Utrominon and restore his species to glory, enlisting Honeycutt to begin work on the Technodrome, a device that would be used to terraform Planet Earth. Fortunately the NRF rescued Professor Honecutt before it was completed, although this lead to Krang's current full-scale assault against Planet Neutrino, which forced Honeycutt to flee to Earth and disguise himself as Chet. Even as Chet, he worked to thwart Krang's efforts, getting a job a Stockgen to have access to knowledge of what was going on. Princess Trib tells Honeycutt that the NRF had nearly finished a weapon designed to neutralize Krang's forces. At that moment, Krang appears on the computer monitors to deliver a message: bring him the Fugitoid, or he will kill each and every Neutrino, starting with the King and Queen. 

Part Three - Issue #19


Issue 19 Cover A by Ben Bates

General Krang has given the NRF twenty-four hours to give up the Fugitoid, or he will kill the Neutrino King and Queen before moving on to the rest of the Neutrino population. Initially Professor Honeycutt wants to give himself up to prevent any further bloodshed, but Princess Trib convinces him that's not what the King and Queen would want. She sends him off to the laboratory to repair the NRF's weapon, accompanied by Donnatello. Leonardo and Commander Dask devise a plan to rescue the King and Queen by initiating a distraction so that the Turtles may slip into the castle where they're being held unseen. 

At the Turtles' home, April, Casey, and Splinter are researching Burnow Island, discovering that it's in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and ruled by the warlord General Krang.  On Planet Neutrino, Krang is monologuing to King Zenter and Queen Gizzla, telling them about their race's impending doom. 

On Burnow Island, Karai has infiltrated Krang's base to steal more of the Utrom ooze. 

Honeycutt and Donatello arrive at the NRF lab to help repair the END missle, the weapon they hope to use to defeat Krang. It is an Electronics Nullifying Device, designed to disable the enemy's weapons through high-powered microwaves. 

Leonardo and Michelangelo are preparing to infiltrate the Neutrino royal castle where the King and Queen are being held with Commander Dask and Kala when Princess Trib informs them she will be coming as well and there's no convincing her otherwise. Meanwhile, Raphael and Zak prepare to lead the frontal assault to serve as a distraction. Once the attack begins, Krang immediately orders his forces to lead a counter-attack. With the distraction underway, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and the Neutrinos infiltrate Krang's base. 

Part Four - Issue #20


Issue 20 Cover A by Ben Bates

Raphael and Zak continue leading the frontal assault, while Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Neutrinos have reached the room where the King and Queen are being held, guarded by General Krang. Leonardo manages to slice off one of Krang's robotic suit's arms. Krang recognizes the Turtles as the ones that were stolen from Stockgen. 

Back in the lab, Donatello and Honeycutt have almost finished repairing the END missle. Donatello is telling Honeycutt how he's skeptical that he and his brothers are reincarnations of four boys from Feudal Japan. Honeycutt explains to him how teleportation works; how each individual atom is scanned, destroyed, and an exact copy built in the new location. Despite being intangible, the soul is always intact and present after the teleportation process, something even their advanced science cannot explain. Honeycutt supposes that if the soul can make the journey across dimensions, it's possible it couldn travel across space and time as well.

Back on Burnow Island, Karai's infiltration and theft of some of the Utrom ooze is discovered while she makes her escape back to Foot headquarters.

Raphael and Zak are continuing to lead the frontal assault when they're set upon by a huge Utrom mecha. The NRF forces in the attack are under heavy fire and the situation looks grim. Honeycutt and Donatello have finished the END missle and launch it towards the battlefield, following it to ensure it isn't struck down. The Utrom mecha is about to swat it down when Raphael takes it out with a rocket launcher, allowing the END missle to detonate and disable all of Krang's troops' weapons. In the Neutrino royal castle there is a standoff between Krang, his forces, the Turtles and the NRF. Honeycutt arrives and says he has neutralized Krang's entire army, effectively winning the battle. However, Krang reveals that his weapons operate on a different frequency, meaning he still has lethal firepower. Honeycutt gives himself up to spare the others, and Krang teleports back to Burnow Island with him. The Neutrinos thank the Turtles for their help, and Michelangelo gets a kiss on the cheek from Princess Trib. 

Back at the Turtle's home in New York City, April and Casey are worrying that the Turtles are gone for good, when suddenly they teleport back from Dimension X. Everyone is glad to be reunited.



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