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The Krang are a squid-like alien race, who brought the Empyrean to Earth and mutated the yōkai of what is now the Hidden City. They were also responsible for giving Oroku Saki his armor, the Kuroi Yōroi. The skeletal and death remains of one of them rests inside the Crying Titan in the Hidden City.


They are pink, bulbous creatures with three tentacles on each side of their bodies. Two are shown in different sizes: One much larger than a person, and one roughly the size of a traditional Utrom from other series. Their skull have nostrils and sharp teeth.


They came to the Earth hundreds of years ago and gave Oroku Saki the Dark Armor. Centuries later, the Shredder came to one of the deceased Krang's corpse inside a giant statue called The Crying Titan and took a sample of the surrounding fountain of Empyrean, which he later used to try and extract Hamato Yoshi's life force.

They are planned to appear in the upcoming movie, where they will serve as the main antagonists.

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