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Issue #1 of the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro-Series, which depicts antagonists of the IDW continuity. This issue focuses on the warlord General Krang.


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A stone soldier is outraged at the discovery of the theft of some of the ooze and the subsequent death of one of the Utroms in cryo-stasis (as seen in Krang War, part 4). He reports the find to Krang who is less than pleased to hear the news. He denies help back into his suit from the soldier and wonders if his troops still fear and respect him. He knows he was not always powerful. 

In his youth on the Dimension X planet of Utrominon, Krang was a spoiled, entitled brat, content to let his underlings do everything for him. His father, Emperor Quanin, was displeased with his son's attitude. Krang asks to sit in on an Utrom High Council meeting about the offensive against Traxus, but Quanin tells him he would just be in the way. His father's enemy Traxus had been imprisoned on Morbus, a prison planet with an extremely hostile environment. Unfortunately, Traxus had overthrown the guards and united the other inmates against Quanin. Quanin and his advisors planned an attack on Morbus. They knew a direct attack would be expected so they planned to land in the swamp to the north of the prison. 

Quanin assembled his best warriors and shipped them to Morbus to take on Traxus. Krang stowed away on the ship, planning on proving himself worthy in battle. However Traxus had expected a sneak attack and mined the swamp. The commander of the Utrom squadron was blown to smithereens within moments of landing, and shortly after Traxus himself appeared and killed the rest of them, save for Krang who managed to avoid capture and death. Krang had never even conceived of such death and destruction. Krang knew if he didn't act quickly he would die alone, never to be found. The plants, creatures, and terrain of Morbus were all incredibly deadly. 

Somehow, Krang steeled himself and fought off would be predators. He took strength from the fact that he alone made it through Traxus' attack. Krang survived off the land for days, hunting for food and fending off wild animals. He was glad he was alive, but he could not rest until the mission was complete. Krang fought and tamed a large, ferocious lizard. Riding the lizard he stormed Traxus' command center in the prison's tower and demands he surrender. Granitor and Tragg, working under Traxus, ask if they can take care of the intruder but Traxus declines. Krang tells his lizard mount to spit venom into Traxus' eye, distracting him, allowing Krang to leap onto his back and stab him repeatedly until he died. Granitor and Tragg, abiding by the law of their own people, accepted Krang as their new leader. With their help, Krang took control over Traxus' army. 

Eventually Emperor Quanin himself flew to Morbus to see how things had transpired. He was in disbelief that his son could have defeated Traxus himself. He greeted Krang with respect for the first time in many years. 

In the present, Krang decides to accept the stone soldier's offer of help. The stoner soldier leans down to lift up Krang, and he attacks, killing the soldier to make an example of him. Nothing will stand in his way. 





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