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General Krang was one of the main villains in the IDW continuity. As second-in-command of the Utrom High Council, he served under his father Supreme Commander Quanin. The Utrom race was nearly exterminated at some point, leaving a number of them in stasis, and Krang as the only active member.

In seemingly separate wars with the Neutrinos and the Foot Clan, Krang had bankrolled Baxter Stockman to develop a Terrapin/Human Exo-Armor Synthesis that would strengthen his soldiers.



Krang was a spoiled prince of the Utrom. When his father Quanin made it clear that even if Krang become ruler he would never be a leader, Krang attempted to prove his worth to his father by secretly joining a squad which was going to attempt to retake control of a prison that had been taken over by Traxus, one of Quanin's enemies. However, Traxus knew were the squad would come from and mined the area, and attacked and killed many of the squad members. However, Traxus wasn't aware that Krang was alive and left. Krang manage to survive on his own and tamed one of the wild creatures, riding it to attack head-on, killing his father's enemy. He modified his body to use for transportation and took control of the prison. When his father saw what he had done he was proud of Krang, and for the first time in quite a while called him his son.

Later, Krang's father would die in an attempt to expand his empire and the Utroms would become an endangered species when their homeworld Planet Utrominon was destroyed. Krang made it his mission to save the Utrom species and rebuild their empire. To do this, he traveled to Earth via an inter-dimensional portal and began work on what he called the Technodrome, a device that would allow him to terraform Earth and make it into New Utrominon. 

In the era of Feudal Japan, he was an ally of Takeshi Tatsuo and Kitsune, going by the name of Tetsu-Oni or Iron Demon. He provided the Foot Clan with ooze, one of the components required for mutagen. It was this substance that kept Tatsuo alive for many years longer than he should have been.

Many years later, Oroku Saki, who harbored the spirit of the now-deceased Takeshi Tatsuo, had Krang summoned, only to attack him and destroy the interdimensional portal from whence he came.

Krang later allied his forces with StockGen Laboratories' leader Baxter Stockman whose company assisted in Krang's plots, in particular the creation of armored super-soldiers. He eventually explained to Stockman that his entire race had nearly been wiped out, and that he was creating the Technodrome in order to terraform the Earth for their use. Furthermore, he was determined to capture the Fugitoid once more in order to finish the Technodrome, To this end, he kidnapped the Neutrino king and queen, threatening to kill them if Honeycutt was not brought to him. While the battle against the NRF was lost, Krang ultimately won as Honeycutt gave himself up to save the lives of his friends.

Krang met again with Oroku Saki after three hundred years, as Saki believed that an alliance would be mutually beneficial in attaining world domination. Krang had no intention of agreeing, and attempted to kill Shredder, but found himself double-crossed as well as Shredder had two mutants - the hawk Koya and the hammerhead shark Bludgeon - that rescued him and disposed of Krang's men.'

Though now openly at war, Krang did not believe that Shredder and his forces were a true threat. He was unaware that Donatello had been in contact with Shredder, and offered him a way to Burnow Island in order to annihilate Krang's forces. In actuality, the plans of Donatello, the other Turtles and the Fugitoid was to pit Krang and Shredder against each other in the hopes that they would kill each other, and that the Turtles would be able to destroy the Technodrome while their enemies were distracted.

The Utrom began terraforming Burnow Island, and planned to transform the rest of the planet the following day. In the meantime, he was prepared for Shredder's attack, and nearly killed the ninja before being betrayed by Baxter Stockman. His mech suit was damaged by the attacks of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael, but he refused to give in even as the Technodrome was disabled. Honeycutt informed him that by terraforming the island he had created a haven for the Utroms, but Krang himself was immediately transported to the Neutrino homeworld as a prisoner.

Krang remained imprisoned by the Neutrinos for quite some time, until a proper trial could be arranged. Despite losing his army and his Technodrome, the Utrom warlord was still quite influential, and he enlisted the biomechanical assassin Hakk-R to find the names of the witnesses being brought in against him, and to eliminate them before the trial began. Additionally, he ordered the death of the prosecutor, whose knowledge of law and the case was extensive, and the judge.

However, the Turtles were brought in to fetch the witnesses, which led to highly limited success for Hakk-R. At the trial, Krang argued that King Zenter was as guilty as he was, due to his treatment of the Triceratons, and that his actions were justified in the pursuit of his race's survival. King Zenter, feeling guilty, decided to have Krang imprisoned on Burnow Island in the custody of his own people.

However, his former slave Leatherhead was dissatisfied with Krang's sentence. Before anyone could stop him, he lunged forward and ate Krang alive.

As it turns out, Utroms are parasitic, and instead of digesting him, Leatherhead was slowly taken over by Krang, growing on the outside of the mutant's abdomen. TMNT #100. Prior to this, he taunted Leatherhead from the inside in the form of hallucinations.

"LeatherKrang" stumbled the streets of New York City for some time, with Leatherhead attempting to starve the two of them to death while Krang struggled to force him to eat enough to keep them alive. In their weakened state, Oroku Saki and Kitsune were able to enter his mind and find what frightened him the most - which turned out to be an elite squadron of intergalactic rebels called the Nova Posse.

The Rat King had plans for Krang, and contracted him as part of his "Trio of Terror". He, along with Null and her subordinates, tracked LeatherKrang down and captured them (as Leatherhead struggled against their forces). They were taken to Jasper Barlow, who surgically separated Krang from Leatherhead and implanted Krang into Metalhead. "MetalKrang" blasted off to Burnow Island to enact his part of Rat King's plan, but was confronted by Ch'rell, a former loyalist in Krang's army, who had grown disgruntled with the pace and methods in which Krang had been running things. After a fight between Ch'rell and Krang, Kleve, another former Krang loyalist, shot Krang in the face and killed him. After Ch'rell and his men turned their attention elsewhere, however, Metalhead revived Krang with an electric shock.

Ch'rell ended up meeting his end via the Triceraton Regenta, Seri, and the newly-revived Krang broke Tragg and Granitor out of the brig to help him finish his plan. Fed up with the setbacks he had received on this "mudball" called Earth, Krang planned to teleport the remaining loyalists from Burnow and decimate the planet before turning his attempts of conquest elsewhere. He was confronted by the Nova Posse, Michelangelo, and Donatello, who slowed him and his Rock Soldiers down long enough for King Zenter to arrive and execute him with a shot to the head, with Donatello disrupting Metalhead's systems so that he couldn't revive.


  • Tetsu-Oni (鉄鬼) does loosely translate to Iron Demon. However, the Oni were a specific sort of demon - large and ogre-like in appearance.
  • The robot body is an obvious homage to that of Krang's in the original animated series.