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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Like many characters in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures continuity, Krang started out very similar to his cartoon counterpart. In these initial issues, the only major difference was the color of his android body.

Later issues established him as the ruthless warlord that the cartoon only fully established in its later seasons. One of the atrocities he committed was the destruction of Huanu, the homeworld of Wingnut and Screwloose. Early on, he stopped using his android body and moved around on the three-wheeled chair he used before Shredder built the body for him.

Cherubae later banished him to Morbus.

At one point, Krang stuck himself over the Shredder's head, controlling his body.

In the Random House audio tape versions of the comics, Krang had a much deeper and menacing voice than his animated incarnation.

This version of Krang made a crossover cameo appearance in All Tomorrow's Yesterdays.

Powers and abilities

  • Genius mastermind: Although his plans did not always pan out the way he wanted them to (mostly because of sabotage from an enemy), Krang was one of the most foremost calculating minds of Dimension X and beyond.
  • Elasticity: The limits of Krang's ability to stretch are unknown, but it is known that at least his tentacles can reach longer distances than one would expect. He was also capable of forming his body around Oroku Saki's head without injury to either party.
  • Bodily manipulation: Whilst situated around Saki's head, Krang was able to take complete control of his body.

Weapons and equipment

  • Tripod chair: Krang's movement apparatus before his android body could be created.
  • Android Body: Eventually, a robotic chassis was built for Krang, which afforded him much freer movement as well as a host of weapons. This body was humanoid in figure, although its head was oddly shaped. It featured a hollowed-out abdomen where Krang was able to ride and control the body. Unlike the 1987 animated series version of this body, the gear on the body is colored white instead of red, yellow, and gray.


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