The Bad Brain with Body Armor!

Accessories: Attachable Cranium Claw, Dimensional Communicator, Mutant Mobile Walker, Android Lazer Blaster

When the bodiless bad brain Krang needs to get up and crush a few Turtles, he slips inside his one-and-only android body. Equipped with a shell shearin' attachable cranium claw and a dude dissolvin' android laser blaster, Krang's android body is one mean Mutant munchin' machine.And that's just the way that Shredder and the Foot Clan like it, uh-huh. Krang may be all brains, but with this indestructible deluxe android body, he's got the brawn necessary to challenge the Turtles head on. Powered by a sewer cooled nuclear generator from Dimension X, Krang's android body can smash, bash and demolish its way through anything - or anyone, including the four Turtle dudes in attack formation! Krang has perfected the ideal bionic body to match his tall, towerin', pulverizin' personality - and he's not afraid to use it!

So beware and stay alert - if you heart shell stompin' Foot steps and a hollow bellied bellow, run for cover, cuz no loyal Turtle is safe while this two legged, belly-brained, bionic bad boy is on the loose! And that's the way Krang likes it, uh-huh.


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