Krang and game

Krang with android body.

Krang's Android Body appears in many of the original video games. When Krang appears as a boss, he usually uses the robot to fight the turtles.

In the Manhattan Project game, the robot is split into two halves when the turtles fight Krang.

In Turtles in Time, the android body is equipped with wings. Krang uses the android to steal the entire Statue of Liberty in that game. In the same game, Krang appears in the robot at the Neon-Night Riders, where the turtles ride hovering skateboards. The robot is also equipped with missiles at its stomach. Following its defeat, Krang is rocketed away.

In the Sega Genesis version of Tournament Fighters, Krang's Android body is the penultimate boss, characterized by great strength and missiles projectiles.

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