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The Kraken's ship was a pirate vessel provided by General Krang (who at the time was going by the alias "Kraken") to Captain Rhodes and his crew in the early 18th century. This ship had been enhanced with Utrom technology that allowed it greater speed and durability than other vessels of the time, who were sailships. Earth seamen interpreted it as a sign that it was commissioned by the devil.

This ship attacked the Shirley's Revenge by ramming it, but Rhodes chose to withdraw when the Turtles appeared unexpectedly on the deck, believing that they were a part of one of the Kraken's schemes. When the Shirley's Revenge approached Burnow Island, the Kraken's ship was deployed once again to attack and board it.

Once the Kraken's men had been defeated, Stack asked if they were going to crew the Kraken's ship, but the captain of the Shirley's Revenge ordered it to be scuttled.

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