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The Kraathatrogon are a species of gigantic worm-like creatures from Dimension X. They produce Mutagen and are vulnerable to salt.

The name is pronounced /kɹəˈθæt.ɹɵˌɡɒn/ (krə-THAT-ro-GON).


The Manhattan Project - The Kraang bring several worms to Earth to extract their mutagen. The Kraathatrogons travel through old subway systems, and their enormous size causes tremors with effects similar to earthquakes. When Casey Jones attempts to stop them, one swallows him. Donatello and April O'Neil kill it with salt. later April and Casey ride a worm to battle and Tiger Claw gets eaten, the Kraathatrogon is sent to the 80's turtles dimension.

The Wrath of Tiger Claw - Tiger Claw's flashback shows how he was able to escape from the Kraathatrogon.

Into Dimension X! - A Kraathatrogon appears flying over Raphael's head. Later, several baby worms are seen feeding on their mother's mutagen.

Battle for New York, Part 2- A kraathatrogon appears and attacks the Turtle Blimp which it succeeds in destroying. Luckily Mikey manages to scare it away by throwing some energy crystals at it's baby face.


  • The Kraathatrogons resemble the sandworms Shai-Hulud from Dune.
  • The adult worms can grow to longer than 100 feet.
  • They have a strange simian face in the tip of their tails and two long antennas which the Kraang use to ride and control them.
  • The Kraang milk them for Mutagen, much like humans milk cows.
  • Kraathatrogons are able to fly in Dimension X.



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