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A Kraang Walker is a gigantic two-legged mech piloted by the Kraang and hijacked by The Newtralizer in Newtralized!.


The main body of the Kraang walker looks like a Kraang in its shape and brain markings, the legs of the Kraang walker are similar to the Kraangdroid's but with rounded feet.

It has four spinning laser lightning cannons floating around the middle of its main body and also tasers on its top for self-defense.

The cockpit fit one Kraang (or a Sal) and it has lever sticks for controlling the walker, something primitive and never seen before in Kraang technology.


In the 2012 animated series the extra-dimensional Kraang use walking machines, called Kraang Walkers.

The Kraang Walker was used against the Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones, Slash and Newtralizer. As weapons, the Kraang Walker has several electron guns, but also his legs, with which an enemy can be easily crushed. If enemies want to enter the control pulpit, a stun gun can be extended, which is also capable of shooting energy balls. The robot is extremely resistant to physical damage to its outer shell; However, this does not apply to the open vents, behind which is an energy cell to the power supply.


  • The Kraang Walker resembles the AT-ST from Star Wars.
  • It has the same hexagonal hole weak spot as the Death Star from Star Wars.
  • The Kraang Walker is very similar to Krang's Bubble Walker from the 1987 show except it is much larger.


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