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The Kraang Stealth Ship, or Kraang Scout Ship, is a Kraang flying vehicle capable of becoming invisible and shooting laser rays. It first appeared in the 2012 TV series episode Enemy of My Enemy.


Enemy of My Enemy - The Ship was used by the Kraang. Piloted by two Kraang, it is fast, maneuverable, and dangerous. It had advanced cloaking technology. It is composed of a round main body with three short tentacles sprouting from the belly. These tentacles are strong enough to lift a car and toss it several yards. It's main weapon is an energy beam that is fired from an "eye" in the center of the main body.

The Mutation Situation - The Kraang use the ship to transport mutagen from TCRI to Shredder's hideout, but their plans are frustrated by the turtles.

The Invasion - The Stealth Ship is one of the many vehicle/weapons used by the kraang during their invasion.

Buried Secrets - "April's mom" is found frozen inside a Kraang Stealth Ship buried under their farmhouse.


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