Kraang Stealth Ship
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The Kraang Stealth Ship, or Kraang Scout Ship, is a Kraang flying vehicle capable of becoming invisible and shooting laser rays. The Kraang sometimes use it to host orgies for the glory of Kraang Prime. It first appeared in the 2012 TV series episode, "Enemy of My Enemy".


"Enemy of My Enemy" - The Ship was used by the Kraang. Piloted by two Kraang, it is fast, maneuverable, and dangerous. It had advanced cloaking technology. It is composed of a round main body with three short tentacles sprouting from the belly. These tentacles are strong enough to lift a car and toss it several yards. It's main weapon is an energy beam that is fired from an "eye" in the center of the main body.

"The Mutation Situation" - The Kraang use the ship to transport mutagen from TCRI to Shredder's hideout, but their plans are frustrated by the turtles.

"The Invasion" - The Stealth Ship is one of the many vehicles/weapons used by the Kraang during their invasion.

"Buried Secrets" - A clone of April's mother was found frozen inside a Kraang Stealth Ship buried under the farmhouse.

"Race with the Demon" - Casey and Donatello use parts found inside of the Kraang Stealth Ship buried under the farmhouse to construct their hot-rod.


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