Kraang Mindcontrol

Kraang Mind Control Device

The Kraang Mind Control Device is able to program a person into following all instructions of the programmer.

It was first used to force Kirby O'Neil to betray April, allowing the Kraang to capture her and Shredder to lure out Splinter.


  • Operation: Break Out - The Kraang let the turtles rescue Kirby as he was revealed to be under their control via this device.
  • Showdown, Part 1- April discovers that Kirby is under control of the Kraang but by the time she did, she ended up under the Foot's custody.
  • Showdown, Part 2 - The turtles release Kirby from the device.
  • Metalhead Rewired - The Kraang use the device to control all of their mutant prisioners.
  • Return to New York - The device was used to control the Earth Protection Force soldiers, who were used to guard the city.
  • The Creeping Doom - Donnie has a version of this device, most likely the exact one used to control Kirby, displayed on his "trophy-shelf".


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