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Dirty Birdy (by Angel Bridge)
Auntie Koya (by Big Lita)


sharp eyesight


Scout and hunter for the Foot Clan

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Mutant falcon


(Plumage) White with black stain

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Koya (こうや, Kōya) is mutant falcon and member of the Foot Clan. She eventually became a member of Jennika's band Created in Darkness.


She was the Shredder's pet falcon, whom he used for reconnaissance. She was mutated sometime following City Fall and ambushed the Turtles and their friends at April O'Neil's parents' farmhouse during the Northampton story arc. When Koya attempted to attack Elizabeth O'Neil, Michelangelo defeated her by smashing a motorcycle into her, and Leonardo drove her away by rupturing her aorta, injuring her in such a way that she would die if she did not seek immediate medical attention.

Because of her strength and loyalty, Koya accompanied the Shredder on some of his more sensitive missions, such as when he attempted to negotiate with General Krang. She also was present when the Foot Clan invaded Burnow Island, but she and Bludgeon were driven away by the terraformed atmosphere, believing that they had failed to protect their master.

In the Vengeance arc, Koya took part in the Gauntlet along with Bludgeon, Rocksteady and Bebop. Leonardo defeated her by slicing off her wing feathers, leaving her permanently unable to fly. After her defeat, Koya left New York City with Oroku Karai, Bludgeon and Karai's old sensei Toshiro. While Bludgeon was resigned to his newly-blind state and made the best of it, Koya raged about her inability to fly, and still desired revenge against Leonardo.

In Japan, during the Karai's Path story arc, Karai brought Koya on the mission to reclaim the Kira no Ken, where Koya struggled with her temper and self-pity. When the sword was found, Koya removed a small bird-shaped talisman from the same cave.

Later in the Prey story arc, the talisman had a strange effect on Koya, speaking to her and causing her to be struck by lightning. When she attacked the spirit in the talisman, she obtained spectral wings that allowed her to fly again.

After Karai and company returned to North America, they visited the Turtles during their retreat in Northampton in the Leonardo Macro-Series issue. Koya immediately sought revenge against Leonardo, only to find Leo immediately taking responsibility and apologizing for inflicting such a life-altering permanent injury on her. Koya grudgingly accepted that she could never be satisfied with revenge against Leo as long as he had no intention of putting up a proper fight. Far from resuming a fight with her, Leo sympathized with Koya's inner disquiet, treating her with enlightened respect. There would be no vengeance during their meeting.

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Koya is expressive, and is frequently excited and eager to hunt down her prey, and often speaks of eating the Turtles. She is particularly hostile towards Leonardo, whom she saw as a traitor, and her hatred for him only intensified after he crippled her in the Gauntlet. Those feelings later faded after he took responsibility for his actions and his own trauma, leading to a mutual understanding and respect for each other. It is later implied by Big Lita that she has feelings for Leo, the two of them romantically together in the future- though she loudly declares that a lie (Ironically calling for Leo to handle the issue).

She and Bludgeon have a sibling-like relationship, and they look out for each other. Bludgeon is often the voice of reason for her, preventing her from running wild, or attacking without a reason aside from "being enemies".


  • Koya is specifically a brown falcon, a species native to Australia.
  • She is partly inspired by the Japanese folktale of the Sworded Falcon, and is named after the village, Koya, that the falcon terrorized.
  • She was meant to have blue eyes, to tie her into Leonardo's blue mask, but in the comic she has brown eyes.