The Reveille-blowin' Reptile!

Vital Kooktistics

Favorite Food: Pizza Jerky
Favorite Song: Pizza on the Range


He's off key, but in tune with Turtle Power! He's Kookie Kavalry Leo, the reveille blowin' battle boy who can lead a kowabunga charge right into the hideous heart of the Foot camp. No Turtle troop is safe without this left-handed leader swingin' his way into untamed territory. He's a Mutant marksman with his powder packed pistol - a classic Mutant military weapon so powerful, some say it blew the hole into the Grand Canyon. Wow! Now that's a weapon! And once the Foot have been horse-whipped, Leo likes to wave his kowabunga katana blade banner around just to let everyone know he's one tough cookie. With all these wacky weapons, you can be sure this military master's got it all under control. So listen closely, cuz when you hear reveille, it's time to join Leo and charge, charge, charge!


  • Bodacious Bugle
  • Bogus Belt with Sewer Scabbard
  • Side-Slung Sword
  • Powder Packed Pistol
  • Kowabunga Katana Blade Banner