Komodo Yokai.jpg
Komodo dragon yōkai
Biographical information

New York City


Venomous Yokai Pet (Leonardo)


Power imbuement




Kristoff Van Bradford

Physical description

Komodo dragon yōkai



Eye color

Lime green

Out of universe information

Rise of the TMNT

First appearance

Fists of Furry

Created by

Ian Busch

Teachers and Students

Kristoff Van Bradford

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The Komodo dragon yōkai is a Yōkai that appears in Rise of the TMNT. Its origins are unknown, but it was used by Kristoff Van Bradford and his students during their match with April O'Neil and Splinter.


It shares the same appearance as any komodo dragons. It also shares the same height as a komodo dragon. The creature has dark green skin and it has bright green glowing eyes with no iris and pupil.


During the events of Fists of Furry, he was found by Kristoff Van Bradford and he is a mascot of Komodo Ninjitzu school.

When April overpowers Frank, Kristoff asks Frank he knows what to do, causing Frank to put his hand to the crate, Komodo dragon bites him, increasing his strength.

After Frank gets disqualified because he is afraid that April is going to use seven deadly viper moves, a furious Bradford charges at her, but Splinter kicks him to the crate, causing the Komodo dragon yokai reveals himself. Kristoff tells the dragon to bite him, Kristoff becomes hulky and is about to end their lifes, but Splinter and April use the seven deadly viper moves. The light turns off. When it comes back, Komodo dragon and Kristoff fly away into distance.


Power Imbuement: Every time the creature bites someone, its venom increases their strength and alters their appearance into green-scaled bulky maniacs.


  • The komodo dragon yokai seems to be based off of King Komodo since both are a unnatural komodo dragon who are pets to a mad villain who has a interest in komodo dragons.
    • The difference between the two is that the King Komodo is a humanoid mutant and the yokai komodo is a supernatural creature.
  • When it stood up from being free from its crate, it slightly looked like Godzilla when standing on two legs.
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