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Alien cobra



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Las Tortugas Ninja


Division Comics

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Bajo El Desierto Azul

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Manuel Conde

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Kobrak is a despotic ruler under the Desierto Azul on planet Magard. He worships a god he calls Dios Cobra and hopes to please his god with sacrifices.


Moycat had arrived at the Turtle Lair to take the Tortugas Ninja to visit his home planet of Magard. Unfortunately, when they arrived, Miguel Ángel sunk beneath the Desierto Azul. Moycat and the Tortugas sank beneath the desert's blue sands as well, only to find a giant castle. They entered the castle and met the ruler, Kobrak. Leonardo stated that they came in peace and only wished to retrieve their brother, but Kobrak said he was to be sacrificed to Dios Cobra. Moycat declared that they'd just have to retrieve Miguel by force, to which Kobrak responded by dropping a net on them and had them locked in a dungeon, to be sacrificed as well.

While in the dungeon, Rafael leaned against a wall and accidentally fell through. The Tortugas and Moycat found Miguel being fed pizza by a couple of female alien turtles, and he refused to come with them, but they convinced him to come along just in time for him to overhear Kobrak declaring to a statue of his god that he was going to sacrifice them. Miguel attacked Kobrak in anger even though Leonardo insisted they just high-tail it out of there. Kobrak sicced his henchmen on the group. His minions were beat, and in a panic, Kobrak decided to still honor his sacrifice to his god by caving the castle in on the heroes. The Tortugas and Moycat managed to escape, but it's unclear what happened to Kobrak. Bajo El Desierto Azul

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